Rooted and Bound

Banyan Tree

So the banyan tree grows. First its trunk and branches shoot up to heaven, and then the branches grow down into the ground and become rooted in the earth, and by and by there are a hundred branches interwoven and interlaced from the ground so that the storm and the winds cannot disturb it, and even the simoon of the Indian Ocean cannot tear it up. It is rooted and bound together by hundreds of interlacing roots and branches. And so when God saves a soul He plants one branch; but when He comes to fill and sanctify and help in your difficulties, each is another branch; and thus your life becomes rooted and bound to God by a hundred fibres, and all the power of hell cannot break that fellowship or separate you from His love.

[Excerpt from a sermon by A.B. Simpson] More info will be provided in my next post.


3 thoughts on “Rooted and Bound

  1. Christian and Missionary Alliance. Interesting source. I recall reading Simpson a little back when I had some CMA friends one summer in Toronto. Decades ago now that was.

  2. Never thought of it that way, G. Overall, a very comforting thought– like asylum for a refugee soul (my own of which yawns at a number of things lately, but here it always blinks)!
    I had heard of the banyan tree, or it’s in a book title maybe, but I didn’t know of its uniqueness. Also, I’m thinking that “You utter simoon!” would be a better thing to shout at someone inwardly than my usual cabin-fever fare, but I’d better look it up first! .

    (Delighted to see you posting again.)

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