Blessed are You

I happened upon a quote today from Krishna Muhrti (whom I am not familiar with), but it  “resonated with me”, as people have put it in the past few years… although, more truthfully, it felt like someone had punched me in the gut or smacked me upside the head.  It’s not anything that any reader of the Book of Wisdom wouldn’t have grappled with and come to accept.  And it’s not anything that we haven’t come to experience in our faith walk.  As one of my beloved priests of years gone by used to say, Catholics are counter-cultural, or they’re not really practising their faith.  So, without further ado, here is the quote:

“It’s no achievement to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

Ain’t that the Truth.  Blessed are you, misfits, losers and outcasts.  Jesus loves you.


10 thoughts on “Blessed are You

  1. Well, I’m unsubscribed to everyone, since I am all but incapable of reading new posts “later” — have to do so right away! — so, I looked in on purpose with only the dimmest hope you had posted.. YAY! Your voice here blesses, G. The quote sums up what we’re all feeling, what we’d all like to tell our kids, too — it is food-for-thought-worthy of printing out and sticking on the ‘fridge!

  2. Relax has had many a nom de plume but one always, always knows it is she. God bless you, – . May your fridge meditations feed you well in the coming year, in-Christ.

  3. Those few words say a lot don’t they? Will have to carry them to work with me today and ponder them. Have a grand week!

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  5. Hi Relax and Cathy. So nice to see you here. Reminds me of the old days. I’ve never taken advantage of the “subscribing” or “following” in all these years. Hard to believe, but only a few years ago I could remember exactly whose blogs I had commented on and which posts, if I wanted to go back and check and continue the conversation (and there were a lot of them at that time, weren’t there…) Now, I can barely remember to check my own email. 🙂 For anything!

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