6 Ways to Make Holy Week Holy


3 thoughts on “6 Ways to Make Holy Week Holy

  1. hi gab

    Did you write this?

    Are you feeling confused, depressed or fearful at what seems to be, more and more, the emptiness of life here… (they must have felt the same way when they saw the empty tomb).  Are you more and more afraid to go anywhere, do anything, be with strangers in crowds… (they locked themselves in the Upper Room too, didn’t they.)  Well, we can be blown to smithereens, or die slowly from chemtrails; be so filled with dread we don’t want to go to work, or poison ourselves with genetically modified foods; we can live in terror of the unknown, or live in terror of the known, as we watch our children’s lives disintegrate before our eyes.  Or we can remember.  Remember that Jesus blew death to smithereens on the Cross.  Remember Easter.

    I woke from terrible dreams. I seldom log into this account anymore, but I did because I wanted to contact you. I have been thinking about you lately. Is everything okay? If this is how you are feeling maybe we can help each other thru this. You pretty much summed up the last 6 months for me.


  2. Hi JT, yes I did, on my most recent post [which wasn’t recent – April] [Rise Up and Dance]. I’m not doing much online anymore, but will email you. Keep the faith. Faith…

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