What’s Up With These Earthlings?


I found myself wondering, if other forms of intelligent life somewhere out in the universe were watching us today, what they might be thinking. Millions of people watching a smoke stack. Millions of people gazing at a seagull on a smoke stack. Millions of people groaning over black smoke and cheering about white smoke. Millions of people staring at an empty balcony.

I also wondered if any of them understood Latin.

Habemus Papam! and as was tweeted: Habemus Papam Franciscum!

Pope Francis I


2 thoughts on “What’s Up With These Earthlings?

  1. LOL! As some broadcaster said, “No one does ritual like Catholics.” It seems the whole world is excited over this election. I’m gobsmacked by the positivity I’m seeing even in secular news. Son had made me lose my voice the day before when he came in saying that a sportscaster had said AB Cardinal Sean had been elected — and I was disappointed to be met with homepage news the next day, too — but am more and more thrilled with this second part of the Holy Spirit’s choice (the first being Benedict’s abdication into full-time prayer for the Church). A Jesuit, a Latin American, named for Francis… I wonder if he’ll still take the bus everywhere? lol

  2. Apparently so, C – our priest mentioned in the Sunday homily that sometime after the election everyone had to attend something, and when the bus pulled up at its destination, who popped off with some of the cardinals but our new Pope! 🙂 I agree entirely with you about the air of hope, and the power of this new duo; who could have imagined anything like this – a Jesuit with a Franciscan charism leading the Church, and a gentle, holy, contemplative Pope Emeritus devoting the rest of his life to prayer. As God said, “My ways are higher than your ways; my thoughts are above your thoughts…”

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