Examen – Session 3

As found at: Ignatian Spirituality.com, this six-session series is led by Jim Manney, author of “A Simple, Life-Changing Prayer. Discovering the Power of St. Ignatius Loyola’s Examen”. See: Lunchtime Examen.


This week, God graciously allowed me to have a concrete experience which relates to number 3 below.  A while back, one of my students told me about a scientific/medical website of which he was fond.  I went to it later and randomly chose an article I hoped would interest him, to use for discussion and reading comprehension in the classroom.  First though, I asked him to take it home, read it and summarize it for me in writing, and we would discuss it the following week.   When he came back for his next class, the first thing he said to me was that God had sent him that article through me, and that there was no doubt in his mind about that fact.  He told me there was information in the article that would be of great help to himself and his daughter – information they weren’t aware of and that he didn’t think he ever would have found on his own.  I am truly grateful to the Lord for helping him and his daughter in this way, and for allowing me to know how He used me for His own purposes, in His own mysterious way.

Session 3 (February 27 – March 5, 2013)

1) Jesus promised us that the Spirit of Truth would guide us; Come, Holy Spirit… 

2) Rest in gratitude; ponder God’s gifts with great affection

3) What relationships need my attention right now?  What happened in my work/my encounters; what surprised me?

4) Allow any negative memories of the last 24 hours to come to the surface.  Ponder them; ask for forgiveness, and forgive.

5) What of tomorrow?  What can I do for you, Lord?  Listen.


Another beautiful Lenten resource I’m following: 24-7 PrayerLent 2013 Walk With Us (podcast or video), starting February 13, 2013.


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