Examen – Session 2

As found at: Ignatian Spirituality.com, this six-session series is led by Jim Manney, author of “A Simple, Life-Changing Prayer. Discovering the Power of St. Ignatius Loyola’s Examen”. See: Lunchtime Examen.


I have to admit something.  Doing the Examen online isn’t really working for me.  Originally I had thought it might have two benefits – that it might be a way to help others do the examen daily as well, and also that it would help me to stay accountable and make sure I sustained it, at least throughout Lent.  But I think doing it online is actually defeating the purpose of the Examen (for me).  I find myself thinking too hard, trying to remember things and note-taking, instead of really entering into reflection and prayer the way that is intended.  I guess I might better explain it if I were to compare the process to Lectio Divina.  When one is practising Lectio Divina, one may go so deeply into prayer so quickly that most of the steps are bypassed.  Everything depends on the Holy Spirit, doesn’t it.  Doing the Examen, and trying to then put the reflections online, I find myself not entering into the reflection time deeply enough, and so not entering into prayer deeply enough either.

So I’ve decided to just keep track of the weeks (the sessions) online, and do the daily Examen in private.  Week 2, with a little change-up in the focus for each step (per the video at Lunchtime Examen), is below.  I’ll try to post some other things during Lent though!

Session 2 (February 20 – 26, 2013)

1) God is in the midst of our human lives.  Pray for the grace to see.

2) Thank God for his many gifts and blessings.

3) How have I used my God-given gifts and talents recently?  Is there a way I could use them more/better?

4) I ask God for forgiveness if I have acted badly, and also ask Him to show me ways to act differently in the future.

5) What one thing should I do tomorrow, God, to love you and others better?  What will challenge me tomorrow?


Another beautiful Lenten resource I’m following: 24-7 PrayerLent 2013 Walk With Us (podcast or video), starting February 13, 2013.


3 thoughts on “Examen – Session 2

  1. I quite understand. I myself was beginning to feel like I was yanking out my tongue and laying it in the middle of some public road. Not enitrely conducive to reflecting on the day with God. I like these 5 above– gonna go tackle them, now (now that the Ninja Turtle Boy has fallen asleep). Thank you for all you do. 🙂

  2. Life itself is not linear, and thus, spirituality isn’t. Every personal human growth has a horizontal as well as vertical dimension and (if you’re me, perhaps) visits every parameter along the way, even if mostly plodding along. I am finding that doing the Examen can take one way back (beyond the day) and may speak of the future well beyond tomorrow–all with a seventh sensing of Love. There seems another knowable fruit of an Examen (after the very uncomfortable self-honesty with Him and asking for help): it doesn’t just refresh a window, it may open another and beckon one unto the Real and new, all as if one’s dreadful slate is a healed dream.

  3. So beautifully described, C. Where I’ve been having trouble is in trying to see how God views my day; maybe I could say, how God views where the vertical is, within the horizontal, and where the horizontal is, within the vertical. Do you know what I mean? And not just where they intersect; but on the other hand, reflecting just on where they intersect – where would that be… it would be at the Crown of Thorns…

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