Behind Already

I’m keeping notes and will catch up with my online examen (and perhaps some email…) as soon as I’m able. Totally exhausted. And how was your day?

Year of Faith

Could it have been more Inspired? Timing is everything.


4 thoughts on “Behind Already

  1. Yes, tired seems epidemic, but the sight and sound of birds keeps the damages to a dull roar. Unless one wakes to a call from a nearby loved one saying, “What do I do about bed bugs?” I think my Flintstone washer/dryer are about to meet their unmaker–and I’ll likely become a cat-sitter in a house full of dog for a while. It’d take some mighty fine birds to ameliorate all that AND the coming blizzard– while babysitting as well. (And all without cheesecake.) The weekend is shaping up!

    Anyway, indeed — the Pope apparently had some idea we’d need a year of faith, God love him. I’m wishing a good weekend to everyone here. Get some quality rest, people.

  2. JT, as my mama used to say, “no rest for the weary”, and it seems to still be the case. But I do hope you get some extra sleep as C mentioned too.

    C, here I go, looking on the bright side again. It’s better waking up to a phonecall asking “what do I do about bed bugs” rather than hearing it from the voice of the person lying beside you in bed. 🙂

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