Examen – Day 4

As found at: Ignatian Spirituality.com, this six-session series is led by Jim Manney, author of “A Simple, Life-Changing Prayer. Discovering the Power of St. Ignatius Loyola’s Examen”. See: Lunchtime Examen.


Session 1

1) Ask God for light. I want to look at my day with God’s eyes, not merely my own.

We were in the flow today, He and I.  Bill-paying, laundry, sorting through income tax stuff to get a head start, grocery list-making, insurance papers, school work – we got it all done together, with no grumpiness and no stress.  It felt like heaven not to have to trudge downtown.  He saw my gratitude about that small blessing.

2) Give thanks. The day I have just lived is a gift from God. Be grateful for it.

I’m so grateful for my home, Lord, cozy and warm.  For the washing machine and dryer still working, despite their age.   For the sunshine, for the squirrel that stared at me from atop the fence, and for the peacefulness of my surroundings today.

3) Review the day. I carefully look back on the day just completed, being guided by the Holy Spirit.

When was God especially present today? He must have been especially present in my heart today, because I haven’t felt this relaxed or peaceful in months.  Only He can do that.

4) Face your shortcomings. I face up to what is wrong – in my life and in me.

Where did I fall short today? I think I could have kept my husband a bit more company today.  Although I was busy doing things that needed to be done for both of us, still, I should have spent more time with him, especially at those moments when I had a feeling he was a bit lonely.

5) Look toward the day to come. I ask where I need God in the day to come.

Where and how will I need you tomorrow, Lord? To help me set up a doable, sustainable calendar/schedule for Lent and beyond.


Another beautiful Lenten resource I’m following: 24-7 PrayerLent 2013 Walk With Us (podcast or video), starting February 13, 2013.


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