Examen – Day 3

As found at: Ignatian Spirituality.com, this six-session series is led by Jim Manney, author of “A Simple, Life-Changing Prayer. Discovering the Power of St. Ignatius Loyola’s Examen”. See: Lunchtime Examen.


Session 1

1) Ask God for light. I want to look at my day with God’s eyes, not merely my own.

Today He saw me doing my best – my day was planned for fully, and jam-packed. He heard me talking to Him all day, as we check-marked things off the list together. He gave me energy each time I asked, and walked many blocks with me, making the time fly by and everything I was hauling around that much lighter.

2) Give thanks. The day I have just lived is a gift from God. Be grateful for it.

Thank you, God, for getting me to confession and Mass when I almost backed out because it was a far walk in the cold and wind. Thank you for the wonderful get-together afterwards with friends and colleagues I hadn’t seen in many years. I’m grateful for all the smiles and hugs, the laughter and the cheese and crackers.

3) Review the day. I carefully look back on the day just completed, being guided by the Holy Spirit.

When was God especially present today? All day long, quite literally, there was constant communication. But in and through the priest who heard my confession, strikingly so. He talked to me for quite a while before giving me absolution, even though I hadn’t asked him anything or confessed anything out of the ordinary for me. I knew it was a special word from the Lord, through the priest. This is what struck me the most; at one point he said, “It’s a spiritual battle, and it’s not with anything on the outside. It’s in the heart.”

4) Face your shortcomings. I face up to what is wrong – in my life and in me.

Where did I fall short today? I fulfilled all my obligations with God’s help, but I didn’t go about my day with joy and gratitude. As I said, we check-marked things off the list together, but I felt like I was getting through everything with steely-eyed determination instead of with grace and ease.

5) Look toward the day to come. I ask where I need God in the day to come.

Where and how will I need you tomorrow, Lord?  Please help me not to waste this precious Saturday in any way.  (But I’m not setting my alarm clock.)  🙂


Another beautiful Lenten resource I’m following: 24-7 PrayerLent 2013 Walk With Us (podcast or video), starting February 13, 2013.


5 thoughts on “Examen – Day 3

  1. I didn’t realize you’d posted in between, G! I mentally journaled this yesterday:
    1. Ask God for light: Well, I like to think of it as Your witnessing only one meltdown..
    2. Give thanks: Thank You, Lord, for the warm sun kindly shared by the Jack Russell & 3 gasping houseplants; and for the chuckle when confirming with binoculars that a squirrel had indeed –sometime in the past couple of weeks– roofed his tree nest with someone’s nearby insulation. Thanks also for the good news of a return to temp work — and for stopping me from pursuing that other.
    3. Review the day: It’s like You accelerated at times, and also dropped out of sight.
    4. Face one’s shortcomings: Yes, the meltdown. And so much more, and so much missing.
    5. In the day to come: I will need Father, Brother, Friend tomorrow. Creator, Redeemer, Advocate. But I’ll stand in line behind my kids, if that’s alright.

  2. C, we both had sunshine and squirrels, but a day apart!!! Congrats – great to hear about the temp work coming through! And the meltdown? Well… let’s look on the bright/light side; if He hadn’t been there, there may have been more than one!

  3. Isn’t it odd how tiny a thing can take one down! And I wouldn’t have rued it so badly (we’re entitled to mini-meltdowns IF no one is around), except that it was against someone. Fortunately, no one was around. I said to Him, “See?? I can’t deal with this stuff!” And He said, “See?? You need Me!” There ain’t no point in arguin’ with this Guy. He’s always right.

  4. One of my students, who is a Hindu who says he’s “not religious”, told me that every day, he asks God to send him a little trouble, “so I won’t forget Him.” That really touched me.

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