River Where Mercy Flows

I just discovered Julie Miller a couple of weeks ago, and haven’t been able to get this song out of my head since (and that’s a good thing!)  I have placed another one of Julie’s songs on my “About” page.


7 thoughts on “River Where Mercy Flows

  1. Hey Gabrielle! I’m so glad to hear about your Julie Miller discovery! Wow, I haven’t listened to this song in such a long, long time… I’ve always been impressed by Julie (and Buddy’s) ability to create such emotive, yet sensibly down to earth examples of living faith. I highly recommend Blue Pony (1997 – High Tone Records)… oh mercy, there music cred and influence continues to this day. Yippee.

    Nice re-design of your site by the way.

    Praying 2012 brings you even more Peace & Joy,

  2. Hello again. I know I was lead to your blog. I commented on your other blog and gave my blog address. I do so hope you can help me. God Bless, SR

  3. Hi Paul; I just love it when you pop in here! I honestly didn’t (and still don’t) know a thing about her – just fell in love at first hearing/feeling this song. It makes me smile that you’ve known her for so long. Thanks for your good wishes, and I hope and pray your year has begun well and will continue so!

    Hello Amy; welcome here, and thanks for visiting. I just went over to your site for a minute and it looks great; will visit more later in the week, and put your link in my sidebar. Glad you enjoyed the music!

    C, glad you liked it too. I find I’m less and less verbal here over the last couple of years (and generally speaking in my life as well). Just seem to want prayer and music, prayer and music, and music, and music, and more music…

    Dear SR, yes, I’ve just left a comment for you at Consecrated to Mary. Will be reading at your site with pleasure later in the week, and will put a link to it in my sidebar here as well. I can’t wait to hear your conversion story and also how you were led to Mary, and I’m here to help in any way I can.

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