The Well

Recently, I came across a book of John Paul II’s poetry at a Salvation Army thrift store for sixty-nine cents! Before I send it off in the mail to a dear one (who delights not only in JPII’s poetry but also in amazing thrift store finds), I’d like to share two short poems here.

Words spoken by the woman at the well, on departing

From this moment my ignorance
closes behind me like the door
through which you entered, recognizing
all I do not know.
And through me you led many people in silence,
many roads, and the turmoil of the streets.

The Samaritan woman

It joined us together, the well;
the well led me into you.
No one between us but light
deep in the well, the pupil of the eye
set in an orbit of stones.

Within your eyes, I,
drawn by the well,
am enclosed.

[From: Easter Vigil & Other Poems, Karol Wojtyla, translated by Jerzy Peterkiewicz, pg. 19]


11 thoughts on “The Well

  1. Hi everyone; thanks for visiting – I know I’ve been away quite a while.

    Am pooped right now. Spent Friday helping to set up for the church bazaar, Saturday helping at the bazaar, and this morning “dismantling” it. (The bazaar, not the church.) 🙂

  2. I have that book, also bought used. It’s a gem. Another book that feels similar to me, though is different, is the book of prayers and drawings by Merton, Dialogue With Silence.

  3. For once, I’m thankful we don’t live closer to each other –I’d have been awfully tempted to help you help at the bazaar –especially with the dismantling. I hope you enjoyed it, though, and found some great finds of your own.

  4. Thanks for the thought anyway, Owen!

    NJW, from the white elephant table (everything a dollar or two) I got a set of three little ceramic angels. Also, a hat and scarf. Like I needed another winter hat and scarf to add to my collection. 🙂 Don’t even have any snow yet. Quite weird for Ottawa.

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