St. Gertrude’s Gratitude

I adore and bless with thanksgiving, and with all humility, Thy ineffable charity, O Father of mercies, by which, notwithstanding the disorders of my life, Thou hast had thoughts of peace toward me, and not of severity, overwhelming me with the greatness and multitude of Thy benefits, even as if I had led the life of an angel among men.

[The Life and Revelations of St. Gertrude the Great, pg. 116]


7 thoughts on “St. Gertrude’s Gratitude

  1. I wish that I could share in St. Gertrude’s feelings and statements. What a truly liberating attitude this is. This is the kind of gratitude I hope and pray for.

  2. Terry, I do believe that we have to receive grace from God to even express gratitude (like we have to receive grace to do anything…), but actually practicing expressing gratitude for a few things every day does wonders in pulling down more graces and blessings and positivity. Even when our lives are filled with problems and pain, we can start small – thank you, Lord, for this hot tea this morning; thank you, Lord, for my pillows and blankets and bed; thank you, Lord, for hot water for my shower… saying or writing a few things every morning and before you go to sleep can effect powerful change, and quite quickly.

  3. I do little thankings, but I hadn’t thought beyond pillows and warmth and safety and no horrible diagnoses for anyone, et al, at night. One could actually be thankful all day long, huh?

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