Let The Blossom Flourish

Friends, I will be offline for a while [and closing comments until I return, probably the first week of September], and just wanted to wish you all a safe and peaceful end of season… It seems to be a challenging time for people the world over, on so many different levels. “Creation is groaning”, and so I pray that God keeps all of you safely sheltered under His wing. I leave you with some inspirational words from Hildegard of Bingen:

Drench your thoughts in the streams of scripture and study the example of the saints, then try to live like them. Do all this modestly and let the blossom flourish in your brothers like leaves and flowers on a tree. Be like the sun with your teaching, like the moon in your readiness to adapt, like the wind by your unwavering guidance, like gentle breezes in your forebearance, and like fire in the arousing and inspiring force of your instruction. Everything should begin with the first gleam of early dawn and end in blazing light.

[Patrologia Latina 289A, Vol. 197]  [Excerpt taken from:  Invincible Spirits.  A Thousand Years of Women’s Spiritual Writings, compiled by Felicity Leng]