Various Moods, All In One Day…

Early Spring [Bliss Carman]

Now the soft rain comes over the blue hill,
And the red-shouldered blackbird sounds his flute
Along the meadows of the Silvermine.
Between its willow banks the winding stream
Is tinged with violet dusk, as the great moon
Rises in splendour on the Eastern ridge,
And through the twilight all the marshy ground
Rings with the silver chorus of the frogs.
In rocky groves the shy hepaticas
Awake to don their softest blue once more,
And troops of golden adder’s-tongue return.
In cool damp woods Jack-in-the-pulpit stands,
And the dark trillium for a mystic sign;
That all the old earth magic is renewed.

Immanence [Sir Charles G.D. Roberts]

Not only in the cataract and the thunder,
Or in the deeps of man’s uncharted soul,
But in the dew-star dwells alike the wonder,
And in the whirling dust-mote the control.

Δώρıа [Ezra Pound]

Be in me as the eternal moods
of the bleak wind, and not
As transient things are – – –
gaiety of flowers.
Have in me the strong loneliness
of sunless cliffs
And of grey waters.
Let the gods speak softly of us
In days hereafter,
The shadowy flowers of Orcus
Remember thee.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We’re off to Quebec City for the long-weekend, so I’ll just turn off comments here in case of spam.  Be good.  🙂



3 thoughts on “Various Moods, All In One Day…

  1. Thank you, Cathy and GJ. We had a really lovely time, but I’ve been so busy since we got back… I hope I can check tomorrow to see if any of my pictures turned out well enough to put over on the Mary blog, re St. Anne de Beaupre, etc. I hope so. I lit a candle for all my bloggie friends.

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