Mercy Is Searching

But in a world of huge atomic stockpiles, a Christian mercy that confines itself to interior feelings of benevolence and “good intentions” in the use of appalling destructive power can manifestly not meet the demands of eschatological love. The only event that can be ushered in by this kind of sentimentality is too grim to be contemplated, and it belongs more to Antichrist than to the Kingdom of the risen Kyrios.

Christian mercy must discover, in faith, in the Spirit, a power strong enough to initiate the transformation of the world into a realm of understanding, unity, and relative peace, where men, nations, and societies are willing to make the enormous sacrifices required if they are to communicate intelligibly with one another, understand one another, cooperate with one another in feeding the hungry millions and in building a world of peace.

Thomas Merton, Love and Living, pg. 197


One thought on “Mercy Is Searching

  1. As I read down through the text, I could tell, only because of the arrangement of words, that it wasn’t Bl. JP II and was indeed our friend Br. Louis. His speaking that way was one of the reasons the traditional Church wasn’t crazier about him. God love him.

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