Two Updates

1)  Many of you know Cathy Keller (aka GrandmaK) from her blog, A Bit of the Blarney.  At the beginning of Lent I intended to do a post about Cathy’s other site, Provident God.  I feel badly that I didn’t get that done, but on the other hand, the reflections she shares are wonderful reading at any time of the year.

Cathy has been using “Lent and Easter.  Wisdom from Thomas Merton” as a guide for reflection and a devotional throughout Lent this year and sharing some on her blog, which is very beautiful and soothing for the eyes as well. 

What I really appreciate about Cathy’s personal reflections is the honesty in her self-examination, and the quiet insights she comes to.  It’s not like bombshells or fireworks of epiphanies, but like little caps going off every morning; self-reflection as it is meant to be, I think – – – ending up in a call to action of how she will move forward with her day, and setting off a few caps under her readers as well…  So, thank you, Cathy; blessings to you as you move steadily on towards Easter.

2)  Many of you also know Father Joseph Homick from his original blog Word Incarnate and more recently, Making All Things New.  But now there is another to add to your reading pleasure, learning and faith-building:  Father Joseph’s newest site, Two Pillars:  Holy Eucharist and Our Lady

With Father’s reflections on his main page, and ten separate pages (to date) on subjects such as consecration to Mary, reparation, Eucharistic locutions, Adrienne von Speyr and much more, this is truly a blog after my own mystical heart, and yours.  I can’t wait to really dig in.  Thank you, Father J!


5 thoughts on “Two Updates

  1. My goodness! Thank you for your kind words. I’m very humbled by your assessment of Provident God. I feel some days I have not done it justice.

  2. Cathy, I’m sure there was much more you would have liked to share if time had permitted, but I really appreciate what you did find time to do, and I hope you will be there next year. I think many of us had a difficult Lent this year.

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