Lenten Fail

At the beginning of Lent our priest ended one of his homilies by saying, “Let us try to give up anxiety for Lent”, and not long afterwards one of our deacons spoke of much the same thing in his homily.  I intended to be here all through Lent to try to help others do this very thing, but I succumbed to the anxiety and overwhelm beast myself.  With some part-time work I found, my studies, family, and doing all the tax returns I was overwhelmed time-wise, and after Japan I sunk into anxiety, despite much prayer, and have only felt myself emerging recently.

Even to come to my website here, enter my password, and try to type something has seemed too much, but I’m trying to get back on my feet and back to my old self.

I have links to put in and peoples’ work to talk about…  this is just to get me over the initial anxiety of typing something here.  Can you believe we are about to enter Holy Week?


13 thoughts on “Lenten Fail

  1. Greetings Gabrielle – A quick note: I may never meet you or talk with you outside the blogosphere, but just know that I appreciate all of the time you put into sharing with all of us. If you go six months, a year without posting… so what! Don’t be too hard on yourself. None of us are immune to suffering, anxiety, and disappointment, especially when it comes so vividly in those who are less fortunate than us . I simply want to remind you of all the goodness and outreach both your little blog sites have contributed to people throughout the world and to me in particular. That alone is cause for joy.

    It is our Hope in Christ and Mary that carries us forward. Our unique cross that we carry in solidarity and that we share with others. Let us try to smile even during those letdowns. 🙂

  2. In a way my answer would be no I cannot believe we are about to enter Holy Week. Our Lent as with recent Lents went the way unexpected though very much in keeping with Lent our family has suffered, my own great Lenten plans failed and then I have hardly been online at all – which oddly, was the one plan I made, changed and in spite of my change, ended up keeping. I have to agree with what Paul says and it’s the very same thing you’ve said to me a number of times during my own sporadic blogging “career”

    God bless you my good online friend.

  3. Oh, thank you both very much, Paul and Owen. I didn’t expect anybody here! Your words soothe my soul, and I’m sorry for your own troubles, O. If you both scoot down the main page to Feb. 1st and watch the video I made (if you haven’t already), you’ll know how much you mean to me too. (Silly me; I made that to thank people, and then forgot to tell anyone. Typical of my communication skills lately). 🙂

  4. Gab, that was very sweet of you to include me. I did miss that post. Thanks for pointing me toward it. I confess to (again) struggling to remain within the Catholic blogosphere as even a sporadic contributor…sigh. Prayers welcomed.

  5. Well, of course I would include you! I must tell you something. I have/had never used RSS at all, not in all these years, and a few months ago I decided to try it and I chose your blog (yes, you were my guinea pig). Then, you immediately stopped blogging! I tried not to take it personally. 🙂 But your little face is on my toolbar; I just have to remember to click on it and keep checking in! Prayers ongoing…

  6. I apologize. It is irresponsible and it certainly doesn’t help engender faithful readers as a whole. I am really striving in my heart and mind and in my journal to find where / how I belong in the Catholic blogosphere, post conversion, if at all.

    I have always used RSS and it’s my way of keeping track of dear folks, folks dear to me, like yourself.

  7. Oh dear, I am the last one anyone should apologize to in this area. Let’s just keep what Paul said close to our hearts: “It is our Hope in Christ and Mary that carries us forward”. Whether it’s online or off, we’ll just try to keep listening for our instructions…

  8. Hello Gabrielle. It is good to see you back. I have both you and Owen on my home page through RSS. I, too, truly appreciate it whenever you have the time to write on your blogs. No one knows the anxiety beast better than I and it can truly be paralyzing.

    Write what you can, when you can. We’ll certainly be waiting.

    Have a blessed Holy Week!

  9. “Tis Holy Week, and not only did I skid, stumble and crash around all through Lent, but I shall probably be working all week –that means I’ll miss Holy Thursday and Good Friday observances… I am hoping we run out of work just one night this week… just one. Some glitch..

    Spring is truly here, and thus, winter is truly past. Time for all good lilacs to be ready to bloom all around the Tomb.

  10. ROFL, yes, and I’ll bet YOU always enjoyed the Marx Bros. movies, TOO!

    As for the de-leveling of Japan, it had kind of a tsunami effect on all the world’s humanity, I think. It’s very ominous, not least of all for Japan, but certainly for any nation with a need for electricity/heat who has turned to nuclear power as a quick solve-all, and especially after all our economies have seemingly tanked.

    I always want to say, but hasn’t mankind always had tribulations since our Master said they’d come? Our church tells us we’ve always been in the end times, but still, we do have eschatology to ponder. I’m always looking beyond the very real devastation that comes first, to the ultimate victory, but not this time. And we’ve all been quiet because of it, but maybe there’s nothing to say. Maybe there’s really nothing to say this time, except that if nothing else, we are one with each other globally in such beastly events.

  11. Gypsyji, re “And we’ve all been quiet because of it, but maybe there’s nothing to say.” That is how I felt. That is what I was struggling with.

    Jerome, thank you. Please keep thinking of it. Please keep speaking/writing of it.

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