Sister Winter

In Terry’s recent post he quotes some lyrics from Sufjan Stevens’ song, “Chicago” which really resonated with him as he was driving down a countryside highway in a landscape of wintering pastures.

Sufjan’s song, “Sister Winter” I think goes really well with Terry’s post too. It’s from his album entitled, “Songs from Christmas.” (But that’s okay; we’re only January, after all…)

I think it’s beautiful. Even if we don’t have icy hearts at the moment or ever again (God-willing), I bet we can all remember a moment, a day or a period in our lives when we did. And we’ll see that “gratitude” theme in the lyrics that’s been on all our minds lately. Hmmmmm.


3 thoughts on “Sister Winter

  1. Unique song.

    I prayed against an icy heart recently.

    Funny that I never thought about it before seeing “sister” up there, but I don’t think of winter as being female.

  2. Well, I imagine the poets could (and have) done a fine job of having winter be male or female, brother/father sister/mother. Must go look for some examples!

  3. Yes, and that gender thing opens a pondery avenue for me! I’ve (been/)poeticized only via two modes of thought: God’s Passion, and my passions — rarely anything in between, except for Francis’ gendered musings! I will have fun thinking about it all a little more.

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