Take the Time

A beautiful video from Sister Rebecca Shinas, OP on contemplative prayer, the importance of the breath, of silence and solitude, and of taking the time every day to give to our practice and to Our Lord.

I have also posted today a video of Sister Rebecca’s teaching on how to say a scriptural Rosary, over at Consecrated to Mary.  If you go to her Order’s YouTube Channel, you will find other videos by Sister Rebecca on prayer.

Thank you, Sister, and I’m hoping I might receive one of your CDs for Christmas if I leave a few yellow sticky-notes around the house in strategic places for hubby to see.  🙂


6 thoughts on “Take the Time

  1. This fits in so nicely with what I’m reading in “Fire Within.” I’ve been trying even on the odd moment to allow Him to unfurl His presence before my appreciative eyes, so to speak. I love the idea in this video of bringing Him out to others, us all wrapped up in love and peace and calm -Him/we unto them in the next room or wherever.

  2. Inhale: Lord Jesus Chris son of God
    exhale: Have mercy on me a sinner.

    The only way I’ve found to combat mind drift is linking the words to breath, and then taking the breath off auto pilot.

  3. Thanks for visiting, everybody!

    That’s how I felt too, Gypsy-girl, about carrying Jesus, and it relates to what JT is saying too about the Jesus Prayer (thank you for this reminder, JT, of how the Jesus Prayer helps us in the same way as a word or short mantra in connection with our breath in contemplative prayer) because the Desert Fathers also taught that simply the name of Jesus should be on our lips all day, that we should be uttering His name silently all day long, and it will just become part of us always and go with us everywhere.

    Hi, Cathy! Haven’t printed out your recipe yet, but I’m going to. Next week is Christmas baking week!

    Thanks, Pia. I love Sr. Rebecca’s voice. She composes too. I looked on CD Baby, and saw three or four of her CDs and listened to alot of partial tracks.

  4. I’m afraid I only pray the Jesus Prayer when I hear someone crying or arguing–I don’t know, to bring Him into this moment mostly, but also sort of as if I’m asking the blame to be put on me (a sinner) so as to free up the captive/s of pain, fear or violence, because reparation is due for this moment, and it doesn’t matter who does that. Do I need to add that He always steps in, always calms the scene, and that I myself am never the worse for it?

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