Looking Forward

Welcome to my new home. The server at my previous site underwent a malicious attack a few weeks ago, resulting in our blogs disappearing and an inability to post new items. I pray all will be well for them in the future; the administration worked very hard over the past few years to provide us with a beautiful community.

I had made a backup of my blog shortly before this occurred, so thankfully only the last couple of posts are missing; I hadn’t done much blogging during the fall. My blogroll didn’t survive the import though, so I will be entering my links little by little. Also, the videos did not come back embedded; I may be fixing some of those over the course of time.

So, moving on now, and looking forward to getting back to making more frequent entries too, if I can. I’m doing some studies this year as well, so I have been adapting to a new schedule.

Can you believe it’s Advent already? I’ve been asking everyone that, because it seems like just yesterday we were planting some annuals. But the wreath is out, new candles in, and our hearts are awaiting His arrival. May you all have a peaceful season of preparation.


9 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. Well, thank you, madame. You found me through C. to M. before I’d even sent out any emails to anybody about my new URL! Eeegad, there are big ads!!! Yuk!

  2. Well, the first time I clicked on the comments here to reply to you, a big ad for “Ottawa Coupons” came up, just above the top of the comment section. And just now when I came back to comment again, a big ad for “Catholic Priests – Information on Oblate Missionary Priests and Brothers” is staring me in the face. Perhaps only I can see them? They’re Google ads. Oh well. ‘Tis a free blog; has to be financed somehow! I can only hope totally inappropriate ads don’t show up. I saw the funniest comment in my spam today: “Confucious say: chemist who fall in acid, absorbed in work.” That’s the first time a spam ever made me laugh, in four-and-a-half years.

    Edited: I just noticed the time zone was incorrect; that’s why it looks like I’m doing this at almost 3 a.m. I’m really in bed. You know what I mean. I fixed it now.

  3. Thanks for the welcome to the new location. Happy for you that you recovered all your posts. Phew.

    I see no ads here though I recall the (annoying) text ads on stblogs.com blogs and to be honest, unlike you, I didn’t find the community that great. On review, a large number of the blogs listed there are inactive. Am glad you are back on wordpress a more stable platform and returned to the wider Catholic blogosphere

    God bless you and, Happy New (Liturgical) Year 🙂

  4. I think only you can see the ads –I haven’t seen even one, yet. Yes, it’s hard for me to believe it’s Advent already, most especially after losing most of a Fall month to indoorness. I think the world is ready for this Advent, very welcoming of it. It is heartening to know that His seasons come to us despite anything going on in the world.

  5. Thank you so much, Owen! I’m glad I knew a thing or two about wordpress from having had “Consecrated to Mary” on it for three years now. And oh, how we love our liturgical years! My son laughed at me one time last year, because instead of saying, oh, it’s already such and such a month, I said, oh my gosh, it’s already the 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, or whatever it was. He never lets me forget it!

    I think maybe you’re right, C, about just me seeing the ads. Kind of threw me for a minute there! “It is heartening to know that His seasons come to us despite anything going on in the world.” Amen, amen to that.

  6. Thanks, JT. Yes, that one’s going back in my links. I started with my blogroll, and I’ll tackle other links asap.

    I like wp, and maybe in the winter I’ll see if I can purchase the upgrade, so I’ll be able to upload mp3s – then this can be the site where I can upload podcasts, if I go ahead with that. Thank you for visiting, JT. I really appreciate it.

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