And We Can Sing, Too!

Pia recently linked to a video of our beloved Father Barron in a fiesty mood, speaking of “dumbed down” Catholicism. I just came across this passage from 1958 from Caryll Houselander’s, The Risen Christ [pg. 76], along the same lines and with a similar tone…so I thought I’d share…  😉

We are constantly told that “Catholics are not allowed to think,” and the strange, tragic thing is that there are many people outside the Church today because they believe it, and presumably many Catholics fail to disillusion them. At the same time, if they are challenged, it transpires that though they are allowed to think, they don’t, and don’t want to; and should they encounter the formidable Catholic who does think, and who offers them, let us say, the Blessed Trinity to start thinking about, they hastily retire, and take cover under the plea that they are “only a very simple person.”

Another reason why the mind is seldom raised to God is because nine out of ten people are unable to use their minds at all, or at all events to concentrate them at all on the invisible world.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I’ll be away for about a week, so I have to close the comments again until my return. Light, love, peace and safety to you all…


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