Feast of Corpus Christi

This is Father Steve Sinn, SJ, of the Catholic Parish of St. Canice, Elizabeth Bay, Australia.  It is his first video, and I’m certainly looking forward to many more. 

Excerpt from Heart of the World, by Hans Urs von Balthasar, pgs. 80-81:

I am the vine, you are the branches. You have blossomed forth from me. Are you then surprised if a drop of my Heart’s blood trickles into your every thought and deed? Are you surprised if the thoughts of my Heart quietly infiltrate your worldly heart? If a whispering takes wing in you and day and night you perceive a low, beckoning call? To a love that wants to suffer, to a love that, together with mine, redeems? Are you surprised if the desire comes upon you to risk your life and all your strength and put them in jeopardy for your brothers? And to complete in your own body what is still lacking to my sufferings, what must still lack as long as I have not suffered my Passion in all my branches and members?  For, to be sure, none of you is redeemed by anyone save myself; but I am the total Redeemer only united with each of you. Do you want to accomplish the great change with me and build up the Father’s Kingdom? Do you want to live my mind, the resolve of one who did not hold on to his form of God convulsively and clutchingly, but who broke it and emptied it out so that it began to flow as the courage to serve and as lowliness, became obedient even unto death on the Cross? Are you willing? For my work must be perfected in you and it will be brought to term only when my Heart beats in yours, only when all hearts, now submissive and docile, beat for the Father together in my Heart. Are you willing?


10 thoughts on “Feast of Corpus Christi

  1. I love Fr. von Balthasar! It’s no wonder Ven. JPII wanted to make him a Cardinal.

    I could answer that I am willing, but should say in all honesty that usually that happens only after I feel I have no other option.

    The video is something I have to listen to again, but it sort of ties in to a brief discussion last night that was blown out of the water by one, but intrigued others. Years ago, during an EWTN Mass, a priest said that Jesus would carry the scars of love –the same that Thomas saw and felt– throughout all eternity. I really don’t know if there’s a teaching on this, but it’d be silly for a priest to make it part of his widely televised homily if not. It’s an astounding thought, ‘though not as astounding as everything the Eucharist is.

  2. “And to complete in your own body what is still lacking to my sufferings, what must still lack as long as I have not suffered my Passion in all my branches and members?”

    I’ve asked several priests what could possibly be lacking in Christ’s sufferings, and finally, here is the answer I’ve been looking for, for years. Thank you Gab!

  3. Thank you for thee excerpt from von Balthasar. As much as I too want to answer yes to each of Christ’s questions I know that I usually fall quite short of doing so, but I think He takes our efforts and desires to do so as a yes as well.

  4. It is very illuminating to hear how Fr Sinn can see the suffering Christ in the wounds of the homeless- their feet bloated and sore from lack of care, their bare hands exposed not only to the elements but to the ‘ nails’ of life.

  5. Carol, I don’t know the answer to that either (whether Christ’s risen body would still be bearing the wounds?), but I recall reading somewhere (Houselander? I don’t remember) that “God the Father sees us through Christ’s wounds”. (By the way, did you notice that word ‘docile’ again? That makes it, what, four times in the last little while?)

    Pia, I think we are both going to have to go to the resthome. I was just browsing through my archives of June 2009 and saw that I had posted three excerpts from “Heart of the World”, #2 of which was this exact same one (!) and you responded in exactly the same way! Well, at least we’re consistent. 🙂

    Karin, “I think He takes our efforts and desires to do so as a yes as well.” I believe so too. He is intimate with every detail of our lives, sees every difficulty we live with, knows our hearts and good intentions…and is patient…

    Ann, yes. It reminds me very much of Mother Teresa, seeing in the poor, “Christ in all his distressing disguises.”

  6. Well, husband attributes son’s moments of rage to son’s heredity, ‘though my own wide-nostril moments are rarer than hens’ teeth –my last one was when Uncle Billy sawed down our Shane-fir. At any rate, um, yes, the word “docile” appears much too frequently of late!

  7. Maybe it, too, is pronounced “shin” but it’s no wonder they call him “Fr. Steve”! I read his bio — interesting. I dare not watch the vid again, nor perhaps others of his, as just that first time was so relaxing, I curled up at the foot of my laptop and may’ve even purred. Such things really spook the kids, for some reason.

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