overloaded socket

All is finally well.  I was able to set up the computer/internet in another room for now, but will have to go through this whole process again on the weekend when I move it back into the little office.  I was very patient, and not one bad word escaped my lips.  🙂  Mucho improvement.


8 thoughts on “Reconnected

  1. Hey –that looks like my powerstrip, too!

    Welcome back, and not least of all because when I found this blog inaccessible, my eyebrows grew together (the dragging knuckles and mumbling are from something else). Missed you!

  2. Thank you! Missed you too! Well, I was disconnected, but the server at St. Blog’s was down for a couple of days previous to that. I think the good Lord wanted us out in the sunshine/moonlight for a while! Now go get those brows waxed! 🙂

  3. Nah –it’s less work to frown with a unibrow.

    Indeed, He wanted us somewhere –my internet must’ve crashed hundreds of times, ‘though I may’ve fixed it. Or He fixed it, I don’t know. I am mucho pleased that you did not cuss at any point. I do hope you at least threw a slipper across the room.

  4. I didn’t throw anything, but I did indulge afterwards in a Bud Light Lime beer (my first; quite tasty) out on the deck. Am disconnecting again; hope to be back asap! (We live in hope.)

  5. Glad you were able to avoid all the bad words! My husband is a professional computer person, and he does not monitor those bad words well when he has to re-set-up things!

    Happy Memorial Day!

  6. Elizabeth, well I’m certainly glad it’s over for the time-being. I know I wouldn’t have the patience to do that sort of thing for a living, like your husband. I’d probably be tossing things out the window! Hope you had a lovely holiday!

  7. Presently, I am trying to add daughter’s laptop to my new wireless network..

    (trying not to head for the Bud Light Lime…)

    🙂 Glad you’re back!

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