Pentecost Sunday

Holy Spirit

On the importance of docility:

Two excerpts from Christian Perfection and Contemplation by Father Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P.:

The contemplative life, which by its intimacy with the interior Master and its perfect docility to His inspirations merits the name of mystical life, or life hidden with Christ in God, is therefore truly the normal prelude to that of heaven.  [pg. 366]

The gifts of the Holy Ghost, as habitual dispositions connected with charity, grow with it.  The Holy Ghost ordinarily moves us according to the degree of our habitual docility, and with greater frequency as we become more docile.  Consequently, as a rule, there is no sanctity unless the soul is often moved by the Holy Ghost according to the superior degrees of the gifts.  This constitutes the mystical life in the broad sense and also in the strict sense, the passive state in which the human mode of our activity no longer dominates, but rather the activity of the Holy Ghost, and our completely docile passivity.  [pg. 355]

Many thanks to my friend JT for sending me the link to this one:


2 thoughts on “Pentecost Sunday

  1. This’ll come as surprise, but “docile” is not my middle name.
    I saw that word twice today; one more time, and I’m going to hide behind the sofa.

    Seriously, though –a beautiful musing (amen, the contemplative life is the prelude to Heaven), and a beautiful video.

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