Leavening the Flatlanders

Tomorrow morning I have to dismantle our computer/internet, etc., because we have to empty out the room for new flooring to be installed.  Now, I have to tell you – I am exceptionally skilled at unplugging and disconnecting anything.  The reverse is not so true.  So to be on the safe side, I have to close comments on the blog, for the vulgarity of the spam is increasingly a concern, and I might not be able to access the blog for a while.  If all goes well I’ll be here within hours.  If not…well, you’ll know why I’m not answering your emails either!  Wish me luck.  Blow me kisses.  Tell me “Godspeed”.  Send me your technicians.  😉

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A few weeks ago my husband opened the front door and what did he find on our step but a package from the U.S. of A., addressed to moi.  Oh joy!  Two gently-used books from a dear friend’s bookshelf, one of which was a compilation of three works by Gunilla Norris:  Sharing Silence, Becoming Bread, Journeying in Place.

Those of you who saw my post of May 3rd and watched the Carl Sagan video would have been introduced to the FlatlandersJerome left two beautiful, mystical interpretations of both the Sagan and the tesseract videos, but unfortunately his comments disappeared when the site here had some problems a couple of days ago.  He re-entered a few of his ideas in the combox on that post, and one particularly struck me because it came right on the heels of me having read a similar thought expressed by Gunilla Norris in Becoming Bread.

Although Sagan’s video was demonstrating what a three-dimensional being (the apple) would look like as it made itself apparent to a two-dimensional being (a Flatlander) Jerome’s spirit took flight and ended up in a beautiful analogy of the apple as Creator and us as the Flatlanders.

 Jerome wrote:  “…for the apple to enter into flatland and become flat, He must be sliced and reduced. His encounter with the little flat square costs Him, and this reveals the length He goes to in order to reveal Himself and be intimate with the little square. The whole encounter reveals His Love, and since He is Love, it reveals Him.”

Jerome also saw the Holy Trinity in the tesseract and its movement; I was entranced enough with the tesseract video before he said that; you can only imagine afterwards…

Abba Father; Creator.  Jesus, humbling Himself to become one of us, to physically enter into our midst, to walk with us.  The Holy Spirit, the holy yeast of our rising and growing.  From flatbread to plump loaves.

The Second Rising
 (by Gunilla Norris)

God longs for God
and uses us,
rises in us…
becomes in us.

Let us be silent,
a quiet dough

where God moves
into every pore…
where God lives
as God pleases.

Let us rise simply.
A quiet dough.

Dough rising


3 thoughts on “Leavening the Flatlanders

  1. Greetings, my old and dear friend… 🙂
    I have looked up your blogsite, for the first time in well over 6 months…and was “skimming” down the page, trying to do a “crash course” in catching up w/you…

    Then…I come to THIS post and poem. And I am stopped in my tracks.

    How lovely. How reflective. How timely. THIS is a reflection of my own prayers, these past few (difficult) months: to be quiet. To rise simply. To invite Him/allow Him to move in me, where He will To trust Him more…for an increase in faith. To open myself up, and stop holding back.

    Thank you for sharing this…
    for letting mine be the comment on this beautiful hope and prayer.

    I think of you more often than you know…


  2. Kristin, good to see you. I recall it was a “rising” Gunilla Morris poem you gave us that prompted my astonishment a couple days later to have come across a whole book of her musings. Gab, what you posted above is exactly what most caught my own eye. In a manner of speaking, I feel stuck between the first and second risings, but that is somewhere to God, so I won’t worry.

  3. Hi Kristin! It is indeed lovely to see you here! I’ve been enjoying your emails and photos though, so I don’t feel we’ve lost touch the way I have with many of my fellow-bloggers from not being as active online as I used to be. I know it must have been very difficult these past few months after having lost your Mom, especially. I think I may be in a similar place as you, in terms of opening up and trying to stop holding back – to release resistance in certain areas, to let ‘God live as God pleases’ in me.

    Carol, the whole book ‘caught my eye’, and heart! It’s another one of those books (like those of Joyce Rupp, Houselander or Anne Morrow Lindbergh) that one can read over and over again…in bits and pieces or entirely. A blessing!

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