Feastday of St. Catherine of Siena

Catherine of Siena

From:  The Dialogue of St. Catherine of Siena, translated by Algar Thorold, pgs. 194-195

She [the soul] further knows that she can be of no use to Me and can in no way repay Me that pure love with which she feels herself to be loved by Me, and therefore endeavours to repay it through the medium which I have given her, namely, her neighbour, who is the medium through which you can all serve Me.  For, as I have said to thee, you can perform all virtues by means of your neighbour, I having given you all creatures, in general and in particular, according to the diverse graces each has received from Me, to be ministered unto by you; you should therefore love them with the same pure love with which I have loved you.  That pure love cannot be returned directly to Me, because I have loved you without being Myself loved, and without any consideration of Myself whatsoever, for I loved you without being loved by you – before you existed; it was, indeed, love that moved Me to create you to My own image and similitude.  This love you cannot repay to Me, but you can pay it to My rational creature, loving your neighbour without being loved by him and without consideration of your own advantage, whether spiritual or temporal, but loving him solely for the praise and glory of My Name, because he has been loved by Me.


5 thoughts on “Feastday of St. Catherine of Siena

  1. I had a feeling you’d post today!

    “loved you –before you existed..” “It was indeed love that moved Me to create you to My own image and similitude..”

    Tremendous food for thought, along with realizing that we must love others in order to love Him.

  2. Well, it was overdue, wasn’t it. 🙂 I am so trying to get organized around here.

    Yes, the “loved you before you existed” struck me right away, in regards to my recent posts on that subject, and all the readers’ great comments. And I actually looked up ‘similitude’ just to make sure, and it says likeness, resemblance, similarity. Is that not an awesome thing to meditate on, our similitude to God. And that He loved us without being loved by us. I think the last few words can be an enormous help if we can remember them (or have allowed that concept to enter into our hearts) when we are having difficulty loving someone. If we remember that love is not just a feeling but an act of the will – that in that situation we love in order to glorify God, because God has loved that person.

    Had today off work, so went with my son to get some grass seed and topsoil, and he took me to a place where I’ve wanted to get a Mary statue for a couple of years now – finally got Her! And a wee bench. Am looking forward to placing them in/near our tiny rockgarden in the backyard. Will try to post a picture when it’s done (maybe at Consecrated to Mary if not here). So looking forward to this wee spot, and I can see Mary from my kitchen window as well.

  3. It sounds lovely –I’m truly happy for you. The closest I have come is finding the seashell type stand that goes behind her.. I haven’t found a Mary statue, perhaps because it’s America.

    Yes.. we love in order to glorify God who has loved that person. Very hard nonetheless, but we must.

  4. Carol, here’s a short passage from Ronda De Sola Chervin’s “Treasury of Women Saints”:

    “As a little girl Catherine was lively, stubborn, and direct. Unlike many of the saints, she was never considered beautiful. Her adoring biographer and spiritual son, Blessed Raymond of Capua, remarks that she was never anything much to look at, and later, at the time when she ate nothing but the Eucharist, she was nothing more than ‘a bag of bones’.”

    But this poor little bag of bones must have been filled with a tremendous amount of supernatural energy, since she spent her life taking care of the sick, being a mystical instrument for God’s messages to us, teaching of His Divine Mercy and helping Pope Urban and the Church…

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