For Poland

Corn Poppy Nat'l Flower of Poland

On this eve of Divine Mercy Sunday, may we pray to Our Mother of Mercy to intercede for all those who perished in today’s plane crash, that they will be flooded in the Divine Mercy of Jesus and brought swiftly to their eternal joy in heaven.

Dear Saint Faustina and Pope John Paul II, please intercede for your country now as you always have, bringing calm, peace and strength to the victims’ loved ones in their sorrow and distress, to all the people of Poland in the hours and months ahead, and to all of us around the world who are mourning in solidarity now.   Amen.


8 thoughts on “For Poland

  1. No-one can rightly explain tradegy or suffering – all we know is that God is there, right in its midst, and his love is manifest in our show of solidarity. Here in Belfast a special Mass was offered by one of our diocesan Polish priests. A Polish community spokesperson said they were greatly comforted by the fact that many non- nationals attended the service to offer their prayers and support. Amen to your Amen, Gabrielle.

  2. Oh my, Ann, it seems like it’s one thing after another every day – individually and globally. I feel so much more of a need now for us to pray every day for strength for everyone.

  3. Amen to your amens. One simply does not know what to make of this crash, i.e., was it truly unplanned? And why was Poland’s governing body including much military top brass all on board together? Not even mothers and fathers of children to be raised fly together, just in case. And why isn’t there an independent investigation going on, considering that anti-communist Poland’s president had angered the Kremlin? Is it a good thing, or not, that Putin has taken over the investigation? Were there a lot of Catholics on board? Was all this that is going on foreseen by seers? One thinks that maybe this crash will be an unanswered tragedy, despite all its forthcoming “Warren” reports. One thing is for sure –that of who is at the bottom of it all. If satan can’t have our souls, he will settle for our devastation. Indeed, our prayer for strength for everyone is crucial.

  4. It is a sad time for Poland but one in which God will bring great good out of. The Polish Nation from which came St. Faustina of the Divine Mercy was brought to a standstill yesterday on Divine Mercy Sunday. Many many more people attended Masses in Poland and Polish Churches worldwide and also in Russia because of this tragedy. Perhaps it is Gods way of telling us to please wake up and pay attention to my Son and this great grace He has given us on this particular day. It is a wake up call to all of us. May the souls of all those who died now rest in His Mercy and Peace. May the Divine Mercy Image flourish everywhere and this devotion increase even more.

  5. Throughout history, Poland has demonstrated a capacity to endure suffering and emerge stronger. I’m certain that the country that gave us St. Faustina and JPII will continue to demonstrate solidarity to the world.

  6. LB, questions that are on most everyone’s minds, I agree, but I imagine only time will reveal the answers; likely only when we are all beyond this veil. It is so eery that so many “officials and higher-ups” in so many areas were on that plane together, and I think we can all feel the mysterious, invisible yet very real battle of the forces of dark and Light at work here.

    Terry, we pray and believe…
    ukok, amen, amen. Lovely to have you visiting!

    Evanka, thank you, and welcome here. You know, I agree with you entirely about this wake-up call, and pray that many around the world have open ears and hearts to hear it. On that Saturday, when my son came running downstairs to where I was to tell me what had happened, my first thoughts/words were about this tragedy being on the eve of Divine Mercy Sunday, and he looked at me kind of funny and said, well, I don’t think many people are thinking about that right now. Some of us did, many wouldn’t, just as many did not make the connection when Pope John Paul II was taken Home on the the eve of Divine Mercy Sunday and during the time period when we were actually celebrating the Divine Mercy liturgy if we had attended the Saturday Vigil Mass that year. The entire world needs a wake-up call, many wake-up calls. My parish was only about half-full for the Divine Mercy Hour we have been celebrating for the last decade, and I spent time trying to console Jesus for the fact that it wasn’t overflowing, not only with our own parishioners but with people from congregations all over the city whose parishes might not have offered such a celebration. Why do so many people pass up their chances to receive graces in such abundance, for themselves, for others and for the world, especially those who have been given the great blessing to have heard Jesus’ message through St. Faustina. There is much work for us still to do in the spreading of the Divine Mercy.

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