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Of course I cannot find the relevant post at the moment, but not too long ago Lightborrower of Less Darkness, More Candle reflected on the fact that she couldn’t help but think/hope that somehow, some way, we were with the angel in the Garden of Olives, helping that beautiful being of light to comfort our Jesus.  This is not a new reflection for Lightborrower, but one that she has written of several times over the years, in various blog incarnations…and always, I felt deep within myself, that she was correct.

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. [Jeremiah 1:5]

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavens, as he chose us in him, before the foundation of the world… [Letter of Paul to the Ephesians 1:3-4]

In Volume I of The Messages, Anne the lay apostle writes:

…there were good and holy souls who accompanied Him. He [Jesus] told me that my soul, along with countless other little souls, accompanied Him to Calvary. He drew strength from us and from our presence in His Passion. We consoled Him. It’s some sort of backwards in time sort of thing and we cannot understand it from our position on earth. At least I am struggling with it in a logistical sense. We were with Him. We flocked around Him in a great multitude and stayed with Him until the end. He said, “Can you see why I persevered? The love that surrounded me? This love surrounds you and all just souls.” [Vol. 1, pgs. 71-71]

Does this not bring us great comfort and joy, even in our own pain united to Christ’s, to know that somehow, some way, we were there with Him, supporting Him, consoling Him. So the next time you hear this hymn, or sit weeping through it on Good Friday, weep with joy, for you can answer clearly and with profound gratitude, “Yes, I was there.”


9 thoughts on “Try To Remember

  1. What a great thought! All these years of looking at a crucifix and thinking “I put you there” started to melt away just thinking that my “post-conversion” life may have been part of the comforting. I look at notorious saints/blesseds/venerables that were quite the sinner prior to conversion: Augustine, Matt Talbot, etc. and how the crucifixion sits right in the middle of their conversions. That because of the crucifixion we can be reconciled to God regardless of how far off the path we travelled AND that Jesus could take comfort some 2,000 years ago knowing that this pivotal moment in His life would allow this conversion to occur! Beautiful!

  2. As we say, Ken, O happy fault.
    A stunning video/audio, Gab. As for my thoughts, I revised them for the last time today in the sidepanel under Come Friday.
    Some thorns are undeveloped, hardened leaves; somehow, He turned a thorny crown into a real Crown.. then, He shares it. Sometimes, it doesn’t much help to know He lovingly carried us on His sacred Head, and there we remained, causing Him pain until it came, “Consummatum est.” But sometimes, it does. Sometimes it helps to know we were with Him, not only as thorns about to be transformed by the Vine, but we were there in the comforting angel, in Veronica (and the women), in Simon, in Dysmas, in the holy evangelist John, in the holy reformed Magdalen, in the Centurion, in Joseph of Arimathea; in all the apostles and disciples who may’ve scattered but only in fear– not in their devastated hearts; we were there in Nicodemus and Simeon and Anna and Joseph and in all who needed hope, healing, food, raising up. We were scrolled in the Ark of the Covenant, we were carried in the spiritual womb of the true Ark, and we were delivered Virginally, safely in Blood and Water gushing forth from the new Adam’s side on the tree of Life. Blood of God’s Blood, now, if we want.

  3. Beautiful thought…it is mentioned also in Maria Valtorta’s writings (the victim souls that comfort Jesus). I like to take it a step further by saying that perhaps in the same way, these souls who generously offer their suffering, hard work, and yes, even joys, united in Christ, are the medium through which God attends to other suffering souls that need comfort. “Make me a channel…”

  4. I agree with all here, and Pia has touched on what I’m thinking too – at every Mass we are at Calvary and in our everyday lives as LB has often written about – we have opportunities untold, to be Veronica to the suffering face of Jesus, and to be Jesus to the suffering and distressed. When we do it for these we do it for Jesus, over and over.We have our Calvary.

  5. It is difficult for me to imagine myself comforting and supporting Jesus during his Passion and Death. Not because I wouldn’t want to but because I probably would have high-tailed it out of there along with most of the other disciples. But I do believe it would have been a great comfort and encouragement to Jesus to see me and all of the other sinners before him saying “thank you” for the undeserved gift of salvation.

  6. Terry, can you imagine a more appropriate “angel” for Jesus than our (devastated/petrified/baffled yet) thankful presence, for whom He was about to suffer, sent Him by the Father? I really can’t. I think it was mentioned (otherwise, we’d not know of this angel) for this very purpose: to know that our faithfulness truly comforted Him.

  7. Thank you all so much for your beautiful comments, and Carol also for providing where we can find your reflection (Come Friday).

    I know that in the passage I quoted, Anne the lay apostle says it is some kind of “backwards in time” sort of thing, but I found myself wondering (based on the two Scriptures I quoted, and other things that caused me to think about it lately), if we existed as souls/spirits prior to our conception. I did a little googling on the pre-existence of souls (by pre-existence of souls I’m not referring to anything that has to do with reincarnation, which the Catholic Church does not believe in), but I was wondering, since I think I have read other Scripture passages that seem to say God knew us from all eternity, if somehow we could have been comforting Christ as souls before we were formed in our mothers’ wombs. But after a little research, it seems that for the Catholic Church, this is heresy, so I won’t go there… 🙂 Apparently Origen believed it to be true, but then it was declared heretical. But I wonder what those Scripture passages mean then, the ones that I quoted. Perhaps we existed always, but in the mind of God. Ah, mysteries. Mysteries.

  8. I hope I haven’t just posted one of two poems I sent over for a book’s offering — I cannot remember which two went over and don’t want to make anyone look–but if so, maybe I’d be forgiven such daftness. And mysteries, yes.. I read a book once that went along the same lines but in a love story way — i.e., if you seemingly inexplicably found a soul-partner here, an anamchara, it was part of something from before you both agreed to come to human life and suffer for others and work for God. Naturally, that’s one of the very books I didn’t need to read, lol.

    I don’t know what to make of the passages in question, but we know that every event in the entire Bible was lived toward the Salvific moment, for our eternal benefit. We were always on His mind.

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