Faith and Joy!

Faith Candle 002

[A candle-gift from my niece at Christmas]

A very warm welcome to our Catholic blogging community goes out to Miss Linda, author of two blogs:

A Life Lived Faithfully and A Life Lived Joyfully

No matter how strong our faith, it can always use reinforcing, upholding or encouraging.  And joy?  Well, couldn’t we all use much more of that?

At “A Life Lived Faithfully”, Miss Linda shares beautiful artwork as well as helps us along through the liturgical year with timely posts and reflections.  At “A Life Lived Joyfully” we share in her daily adventures with such things as cats, computers and Kindles, as well as her gorgeous creations; Miss Linda is a very gifted seamstress.

Here’s to faith and joy, to Miss Linda, and perhaps even to the remote possibility of dragging out my sewing machine! 


10 thoughts on “Faith and Joy!

  1. I was astonished and so grateful to find your entry today. I appreciate your very kind words about my blogs so much!

    Yes, bring out that sewing machine, dust her off and get her going! Make up a pretty little table runner for spring! Sewing is such a quiet, peaceful past-time! And be sure to share your sewing adventures here!

    Thank you again for your kindness in mentionng my blogs. That was such a very kind thing to do!

  2. Hi Cathy! As I was visiting Miss Linda’s blogs I actually thought of you; was thinking that if you didn’t already know her, you would very likely enjoy her sites!

    Miss Linda, you’re very welcome! I haven’t sewn in quite a while, but I used to do machine-quilting (wall hangings, log-cabin quilts, etc.) and indeed found it a very peaceful past-time, as you say. I would often slip into a very meditative mood and the hours would just fly by. Glad you found me here again; when I commented at your site I did so with my wordpress blog “Consecrated to Mary”, because I wasn’t able to leave a comment with my name and this url. But anyway, I’ve linked to you in my sidebar on this site, and thank you so much for having linked to me as well; always appreciated!

  3. Miss Linda, those are lovely blogs!

    As for sewing, this may come as surprise, but I’ve had an urge to make a memory quilt for over 3 decades. I’m starting to lose that battle now, though, so I hope I can call on you gals for some pointers.

  4. LOL! Well, if I am anywhere near an 8 x 10 glossy AND an untended permanent black marker, there could be a problem.. it can be a blue or red marker, too, but black makes the mustache look real (the beard, too). You’d be surprised how many markers are untended. The art museum overreacted, I think.

    [I used the wrong phrase — you reminded me that I’ve seen genuine memory-quilts in a nursing home, and that’s not what I meant– but those are a wonderful idea, aren’t they?]

  5. Carol, your comment about the art museum overreacting really made me laugh!!!

    Gabrielle, I haven’t attempted quilting yet, but it’s something I would like to try. I do find sewing such a pleasant, peaceful past-time. I often listen to audiobooks while sewing. Right now I’m listening to the audiobook version of Pope Benedict’s “Jesus of Nazareth”.

  6. I don’t have any audiobooks per se, but I download reams of stuff onto my iPod and listen to anything and everything while I am (and eventually sewing) paying bills, doing paperwork, ironing, etc. I haven’t read/heard “Jesus of Nazareth” yet though. Carol, I know the kind of quilt you mean – I was just teasing, as you know…

  7. Girl, I grew up in the jungle a lone child among the beasts, some of whom shoved me off my vine and down whole flights, simply because I had a better babydoll or Halloween costume, and/or couldn’t hold my likker (and ground) as well as I thought. Hence, I never presume a teasing –it honestly never crosses my mind, unless something about it is utterly outrageous.

    Aka, I’m gullible. Gullable, too–my one virtue.

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