Neven Pesa: Catholic Seminarian Rocker!

Some of you may recall Neven Pesa from a post I did in April 2008 here at Contemplative Haven and also from one at Consecrated to Mary.

Neven contacted some of us last month (Catholic Seminarian Rocker is what he titled his email!) to update us on his story; he was enthusiastic when I asked him if I could share his email with my readers.  He also attached a track of “Gloria In Excelsis Deo” which he wrote, arranged, composed and performed (I wish I could embed it here for you all to hear; it’s just beautiful).

The wonderful news is that this past autumn, Neven was accepted as a Postulant of the Basilian Salvatorian Order, of the Catholic Byzantine Rite, located in Methuen, Massachusetts, U.S.A.  Here is a picture of Neven with his Bishop:

Neven Pesa Dec 2009

My warmest congratulations to you, Neven!

Although the website that Neven had formerly set up and to which I linked in my original posts is now defunct, Neven would like me to pass along his thanks to all of you who supported him in any way – spiritually, morally or financially. Neven writes:

Admittedly, I am still very far from meeting my goal of becoming completely debt-free and some would say that my venture, in the world’s eyes, has been a failure. Sales have been modest but considering that I am not attached to a record label and have no advertising behind me except word-of-mouth, I believe that my venture has been more of spiritual quality than of monetary “quantity”. Quality – as in your love, encouragement and prayers.

Neven’s CD, Shekinah Hosanna, is still available at CDBaby (I have it, and I love it), and he just finished recording a second CD under a different band name (I will update you when I receive the information).

So Neven, once again, warm congratulations on becoming a Postulant of the  Basilian Salvatorian Order; best of success for your seminary studies, for your music and for your deepening prayer-life and journey of intimacy with Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Keep us updated; our prayers are with you!


4 thoughts on “Neven Pesa: Catholic Seminarian Rocker!

  1. Yes, Neven is very gifted musically, and I’m thrilled too that he was accepted by the order he felt God was calling him to. I haven’t seen that kind of pure joy on anyone’s face for quite a while!

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