This Is The Year…

… that I feel we will be bursting with creativity.  It’s behind the scenes with so many of my blogger-friends.  It’s been building up for years (sometimes decades) in the heart area to such a degree that if it isn’t released the heart will surely implode.  This, of course, is exactly the opposite of what is desirable.  The world doesn’t need imploding hearts, crippled spirits or any more people “living lives of quiet desperation”.  The world needs joy, beauty, healing and love…

Our friend Carol has a beautiful post calling out to all of us to co-create, appealing to us to flood the world with the beauty of the talents the Lord has bestowed.  She links to and quotes from Venerable Pope John Paul II’s “Letter of His Holiness Pope John Paul II to Artists” (April 4, 1999), whose words are upheld and reinforced by Pope Benedict XVI on the tenth anniversary of this letter. (This clip from the Vatican’s YouTube Channel is only 1 minute and 42 seconds long):

“Art in all of its expressions has the ability to broaden the horizons of human consciousness and it becomes an avenue to the transcendent, to God.”  So let us journey on, to “grasp the profound meaning of our existence”, and help others to do so as well.

[Note:  Since Carol had closed the comments for this particular post on her site, I would just like to thank her here for the links she put in for my two blogs, for anyone who may be starting, in the midst of, or considering his/her Consecration to Mary.]


13 thoughts on “This Is The Year…

  1. Indeed and one of the reasons for my own small contribution, such as it is I am drawntocatholicism (.com) – though I am not one in the starting nor in the midst of and it appears too late for this year were I considering. However, the drawing continues. God bless.

  2. I think you are right Gab. This might be the year. The author Michael O’Brien talks about Thomas Aquinas calling upon “An angel of Creativity” when setting out on a creative endeavor. Let’s call on them now to intercede on behalf of our work. The world needs less darkness and more candle. Less quiet desperation and more active creation.

    The big barrier to creation is pride. We fear the reaction of others toward our works so we suppress them. Perhaps it is pride mixed with fear–or perhaps just plain fear. It is not that you have too little talent, but that you have too much pride and fear. Humble yourself and act with courage in order to manifest your creativity. If we act with humility and courage a new culture will arise out of the old.

  3. “(Art) is an avenue into the transcendent” –yes it is, Papa.

    Thank you, Gab. I hope you’re right about our soon bursting with creativity. At the bottom of my post of 1/14, there’s a photo of the most gorgeous little flower within a little chest — one cannot imagine such beauty, until one sees it beating with life. That is the alpha and omega of co-creativity.. but we all can add unto beauty.

    For me, JohnT, it is indeed a fear of some sort. But it’s now or never, and I don’t like the word “never”!

  4. Well, I think it’s really great that along with Carol, it’s “my men” who have responded to this post. I think you’re right about the fear part, JT, and I would also add the time factor, with all of us taking care of our families, working, etc. But just like making sure we have time set aside for prayer, I think we have to re-prioritize some things and have time set aside for our creative endeavours. And I’m all for calling on our creative angels; since reading Vol. 9 of the Messages over a year ago I’ve been working steadily and consistently with the angels, and it has made a big difference in every area of my life.

    Thanks for those links, JT; they were held up in moderation, but I’ll be looking at them today.

    Owen, why “too late for this year”? It’s only January! 🙂

  5. Make your creative work part of your prayer life like an iconographer would. At least in my case I have no other choice but to operate that way.

  6. We have creative angels? I wish I’d known/thought so about 30 years ago! And Gab, are you saying that my beard (“stray eyelashes” as Erma would put it) doesn’t qualify me as one of your men? O, thank God — my greatest fear here in the Brontosauristic stage of life is that I’ll sound like James Earl Jones one day, and scare the mailman.

    “Like an iconographer would.” JT, you may’ve just made my day. I’ll look at the links soon.

    Owen, I loved your drawn dog/’s caption, “Do you hear what I hear?” It made me wonder
    whether he heard winded reindeer on high, or a tiny little heartbeat entering the greater world.. there’s a poem in each of your drawings.

    Terry, you’ve made me think that beauty is not only of love, but is love.

  7. LB/CO (and everyone)

    read the last link first. It’s a bit shorter and a better intro. There’s also a very long article on artist William Krulek. I may have got the first name wrong. Looks interesting.

  8. Deliver me, O Jesus

    From the desire of being loved.
    from the desire of being extolled,
    from the desire of being honoured,
    from the desire of being praised,
    from the desire of being preferred,
    from the desire of being consulted,
    from the desire of being approved,
    from the desire of being popular,

    from the fear of being humiliated,
    from the fear of being despised,
    from the fear of being rebuked,
    from the fear of being calumniated,
    from the fear of being wronged,
    from the fear of being ridiculed,
    from the fear of being suspected.


    — Mother Theresa of Calcutta

  9. Amen –and the reason we pray those things is because we’ve experienced each of them! Hence, we know what love is supposed to be. It is nothing if it isn’t first selfless.

    JT, I read that last link (so far) and am blown away. Just blown away. It was a bowl of hot steaming soul-porridge, and I am feeling healthier.. thank you.

  10. I tracked down a 40 minute interview of Michael O’Brien on Life on the Rock. It was Oct 23 2008. The link drops rights into the program so turn your volume down if you are in public.

    [audio src="" /]

    I am glad that you got something out of it.

  11. JT, thank you for the very important reminder of making our creative work a part of our prayer life; too often we compartmentalize things, when everything should be infused with the presence of God. Thanks for all the links as well; I still didn’t get a chance to read any of them yet, but I hope I can fairly soon.

    I love William Kurelek; I posted about him for Christmas 2007:

    God With Us

    Also, I just wanted to let you know that your prayer that Mother Teresa may have quoted is actually by Rafael Cardinal Merry del Val (1865-1930) and is called “Litany of Humility” (and there is more to the prayer than what was quoted by Mother Teresa). I first heard about it a couple of years ago at Deacon Dan’s blog, but it is also very close to the heart of the DFOT Apostolate; it is imprinted on the back of the bookmarks they make available.

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