Silent Night


And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. Truly, the “dawn of redeeming grace.”



5 thoughts on “Silent Night

  1. Many thanks, Elizabeth, and I hope you had a lovely Christmas too. Will try to visit soon. Going to see if I can sleep a bit; couldn’t sleep at all last night (trucks cleaning the streets, melting ice crashing off roof, etc.)!

  2. Merry (Belated!) Christmas to you and yours.

    Is that a Pileated Woodpecker?? I used to do alot of birdwatching in the early 90’s but not enough time now.

    Quick story – on Sunday the 20th the kids and I went out while my wife and a couple friends were making Christmas gifts for the kids’ teachers. We came home as they were wrapping up and I walked through the kitchen with Volume One from DFOT in my hand. One of my wife’s friends asked what I was reading and when I told her she asked if she could have it when I was done! Well, of course! So I promptly ordered a couple more copies. The Holy Spirit never disappoints!

    And I finally replied to your email and will try and get in touch with Dave (December newsletter) this week. As I mentioned in the email, the only group in my area currently meets on Wednesday mornings which is not a godd time for me.

  3. Merry Christmas, Carol! I found this picture by googling, but I think someone may have cropped it from a larger painting, because I see the top of what I think is the donkey’s head bending down above Mary and Jesus, and maybe the cow was on the top-right, because I see part of a horn. I guess the boards were the stable walls?

    Ken, Merry Christmas and season to you and your family as well. I think you are correct re the woodpecker in my other post; I googled pileated woodpecker and the size and colouring seem to be right, so then I googled to see if they are found in my area and they are. Very good, Ken!!! And that’s wonderful re the quiet but consistent spreading of the Volumes; it seems this is how it is happening all over the world…blessings to you, and I hope if you are able to find a prayergroup that it will be one that can fit into your schedule.

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