Jan Oliver's Art

What a treat!  In the description area on the YouTube page, artist Jan Oliver says she’s “trying to track how far artful joy can travel on the Internet.”  Well, Jan, it’s travelled to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and I thank you very much for that, as well as the good Lord for the gift He’s given you!

I’ve also posted another video [entitled “A Prayer for Peace”] of Jan’s beautiful Marian artwork at Consecrated to Mary today.

A Celebration of Faith: Paintings by Jan Oliver

Painting “Renewal”, by Jan Oliver


9 thoughts on “Jan Oliver's Art

  1. Lovely vibrant colours – the inclusiveness message comes across very clearly… I wish Jan well in her artful joy voyage – the internet is certainly a great launching pad for this type of work.

  2. Sort of reminds me of the columbian miniature nativity scenes I have here at home. Does she have a Latin American background do you think? Anyway, very lovely…thanks!

  3. She said she visited Mesa Verde at 10 and fell in love with all the southwest stuff, found it holy, and so after she grew up, she moved out to southest Colorado asap. It all reminds me of Santa Fe, the missons, adobes, etc.

  4. Hi Ann; yes, I love the vibrancy and the “life” and the sense of community. Just from the pictures I’ve seen of New Mexico and its landscape and architecture over the years, it’s been a place I always thought I would love.

    Hi C and Pia; yes, in the second video here Jan gives a bit of her background and what inspired her, Pia, as Carol explains. Glad you both enjoyed it.

  5. Thank you for posting my work on your blog. I’m so happy to see my work “travel” to Ontario. As a result of your posting, it also travelled to the UK. 🙂

    Some of your readers asked my ancestry. My recent ancestry includes French, Swiss, German, Irish, Cherokee, Shawnee, English and Dutch. I was born and raised in Texas (5th generation) but have resided in Colorado since 1994.

    Thanks for sharing my work and thank you for all your kind words. Peace & Blessings, Jan Oliver.

  6. Hi Jan; so great to have you drop in! I left a comment for you at “Consecrated to Mary” as well. That’s quite a heritage you have; perhaps that is one reason why your paintings give us such a sense of inclusiveness, as Ann first commented. I think your words “artful joy” are so perfect – your paintings really brought joy to me. Wishing you a blessed Christmas season and a peaceful, safe New Year, with continued co-creation…

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