Feast of Christ the King

As a lay apostle of Jesus Christ the Returning King, today’s feastday has taken on an even greater significance for me.  Over the past fourteen months of studying the Messages in the Volumes and the Heaven Speaks booklets, of reading Anne’s works and watching the DFOT YouTubes, one of the many things I have come to appreciate and benefit from are Jesus’ clear instructions on how we can be more effective servants of our King.  (I don’t know about you, but I have always been like that.  I need clear instructions for everything, in English and French if possible, with diagrams.  🙂 )

During this time of preparation for His return, the beautiful simplicity of His plan of service has affected my life to such a degree that only my consecration to Mary might be comparable.  There are many Messages in which we are given details as to how to serve in this time, and I would like to share one with you today, from Volume Four, Part One (Jesus the King, Message dated January 17, 2004):

My brothers and sisters must remain where I have placed them, in all calm, and in all trust.  It is through you that I return, at least in this initial phase.  You are listening to My words, you are experiencing My spirit within you, and you are preparing to assist heaven.  This is good.  I would like you to also do one other thing.  I would like you to begin walking with Me in earnest.  My beloved servants, I have told you that I am with you.  I have told you that I will never leave you.  If I am at all welcomed by you, I reside within you.  But I am also beside you.  I am in every conversation where someone asks Me to participate.  Do you want to know how to please Me?  Allow Me to speak through you.  Allow Me to act through you.  Allow Me to love through you.  You have noticed changes since you began to follow Me with decision.  You have noticed that as the world attempts to pull you away from peace, I draw you back to peace.  You have noticed that it is easier to love those around you.  You have noticed more patience, more joy, and a deeper contemplation of the world as I see it.  Now, little souls, I want you to begin practicing something different.  I want you to calmly bring Me with you in everything you do and everything you say.  In each part of each day, understand that I, the King of heaven and earth, am working through you.  You must notice that I often use the word calm.  I refer to calmness and the spirit of calm.  Why do I do this?  Because often My children get excited and that is not from Me.  How will you change because I work through you?  You will be quieter, more thoughtful; you will smile more and frown less.  You will overlook the flaws of your brothers and sisters as I overlook yours.  I will align your priorities so that your priorities are directly influenced by My priorities.  My beloved soul, try for a moment to imagine a world populated by souls such as yours. This is going to occur.  My Father has willed this and it will come about, gradually at first, and then more quickly.  You, My soul whom I have watched so closely, are a part of this.  You have a role to play.  I need you and you are Mine.  Do not think that this will be difficult for you.  It will be the most natural, most comfortable, and most wonderful state of being you have ever experienced.  My true followers, who have aligned their will to Mine, already understand this state of being and they are at peace.  You, too, will have such a peace.  Be joyful, now, dear ones.  All is well and God is firmly directing all.



11 thoughts on “Feast of Christ the King

  1. It comes over time, doesn’t it? It’s so very hard to realize we are not alone, even when alone, and that we are bringing Him to wherever we have brought ourselves. For me, it seems crucial to purposely subvert one’s will in favor of His. If one is just going along with one’s usual mindset, His will is held at the door and it’s only in retrospect that one can see that. I hate when that happens. Last night I hadn’t wanted to dine with husband’s friends — they’re white-collar, one grown child, and have quite a well-stocked bar; we are Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd, loony without the aid of booze. Oddly enough, we spoke of the Church; they’ve been away for years.. one of them is going to go to Mass at the one church they’ve never been to, and if one goes, well, who knows what may happen. And we all had such a good time, it was unreal. I would love to say something more about the true royalty of Christ our returning King.. it’s too long to put here, but suffice it to say He does not call us subjects, but friends as well as brothers and sisters. He is a true King. This is a true Kingdom. Thank you for this post.

  2. C, many thanks! You’ve touched on a number of things that are very timely in terms of not only the overall Messages and work of the Apostolate but very recent items as well.

    In Anne’s talk for Nov 09, which you can listen to online, she devotes quite a bit of time to the subject of our feelings of loneliness, even if we’re not alone (and knowing we are never really alone).

    As for us being Jesus’ friends and not subjects, in the message I used here I wanted to talk about our service in particular, but yes, we see throughout the Messages how Jesus desires us to work for the Kingdom out of love, not a Master/Servant relationship (and also I believe, since He was Servant as well as is King, He wants to teach us how to be a servant to others, as He was). But what you said reminded me of the latest Message from Nov 09, where Jesus says in part: “When I say service, you no doubt think practically. You think of work, of heaven’s work, which includes the tasks that you complete for Me and for others in My name. This is good. I so badly need those who are willing to work for Me. But when I say service, I want you to also think of love.” And Jesus talks about loneliness in this Message too.

    And what took place at your dinner is exactly what Jesus’ plan of service during the renewal is all about – gentle discussion, people seeing Christ in you, hearing Christ through you, a gentle and respectful drawing of people back to the Church through kindness, through listening, through example, through non-judgement. If you listen to Anne’s talks for Sept and October 09, they both very much focus on exactly this, and many things she said were eyeopeners for me in terms of “how-to’s”, in terms of simplicity, and also in terms of how very much we need to work on becoming welcoming rather than unwelcoming.

  3. As you can well imagine, I’ve not kept up with it, but maybe my soul is doing so, ‘though I will look into the current things. Folks have deep anger, deep pain, hard memories.. and sometimes the Prodigal son seems more a propaganda story than a reality, especially in the workplace that will *tolerate* everything but God the Author of all life. I am next to useless at witnessing, and most of all at work. Jesus isn’t. Interesting that you mentioned kindess, listening, example and non-judgement — at dinner, I hadn’t seen the terribly offensive clerical abuse joke coming. One can’t blame everything on martinis. It hurts to hear something like that, like it hurts to hear, “Wanna help the poor? Sell the Vatican!” Yet, what kind of half-truths did Jesus encounter and put clarity to –with exactly that: kindness, listeing, example and non-judgement.

  4. Just finished “Fire Within” at lunchtime and checked your blog. This is the first I’ve heard of DFOT. I went over and read the introduction at directionforourtimes.com and looked at the testimonials. I knew exactly where the alcoholic gentleman was coming from. If you had told me 18 years ago that I would be where I am today I would have laughed and thrown another beer down my throat! This journey has been amazing!

    And yesterday it took another turn. My wife and I were nowhere close to a spiritual path when we met 22+ years ago. Though both of us were born & raised Catholic neither of us was practicing. As a result of my need for a “spiritiual experience” in order to recover from alcoholism I got very involved in my Catholic faith. I have been on “fire” while I believe she is lukewarm. We hardly ever speak about spiritual matters. But yesterday we (my wife and the younger two of my four children) went to the senior residence where my spiritual director is chaplain and heard him say Mass. We went out to breakfast and then my wife actually agreed to go see where he and I work together with alcoholics and addicts. She was amazed at where we work (not a great part of Philadelphia) and she atually got to meet of few of the people we minister to. I think meeting Fr. Doug had a similar impact on her that it had on me. He is so in love with Jesus and you can tell he leads the simple life of a saint – he has nothing except a very beautiful chapel both where he lives and where we minister, i.e. he is detached which is what I am trying to learn and incorporate in my life.

    All that to say that I really feel good about where I am right now in my spiritual life. I am getting ready to start “The Interior Castle” but as a result of your post also have an interest in DFOT. Where would one start? Volume I?

  5. C, I do believe your soul is keeping up with it – “Folks have deep anger, deep pain, hard memories” – again, something Anne has been focusing on in her Sept/Oct/Nov talks, and showing us ways and means of reaching those very people, those who can’t see anyway clear of coming back to the Church even though they may desire to deep down. It’s true, the offensive remarks or jokes hurt us deeply, but Anne always stresses the importance of us not taking those things personally, of listening, of allowing people to get their own hurts and fears off their chests, and of practising returning love for hostility. My hunch is that’s exactly what you and your hubby did, because you say that one of the couple intended to try going to Mass again… coincidence? I doubt it. Jesus says we just have to bring Him with us wherever we go, into the conversation, etc. He wants us to help Him find an opening for grace, then He will take care of the rest, and He says in this time, things are happening much more quickly than ever before.

  6. Ken, hi again! Wow, I don’t think I know anyone who read Fire Within that quickly! In case you didn’t get a chance to look, I responded to the comment you left on the Sr. Mary of St. Peter Part 2 post, and left you a couple of resources you might find helpful.

    First, I would just like to say thank you for the work you are doing with Fr. Doug to help alcoholics and other addicts in Philadelphia, and also to say thank you to Our Lord for your own recovery, and for blessing you with a spiritual director who is both a priest and a man of prayer. I’m sure you must have been very encouraged and grateful when your wife expressed an interest to actually see the kind of work you’re doing! But you know (speaking as a wife), there could be many reasons why she didn’t want to do so before; for example, she may have been fearful for your safety and couldn’t bring herself to get too involved. (?)

    Regarding your interest in DFOT, it’s lovely timing, since you are beginning the contemplative prayer journey, and the Messages are so filled with Jesus and Mary’s requests and reminders for us to practise contemplative prayer, to spend time in silence, to listen to Jesus in our hearts. “There is no conflict”, as Anne would say. Perhaps start by getting familiar with the website and by reading Volume 1 since it gives some background and is really the introduction to the Messages (all the Volumes and little Booklets are available for free online and can be printed). What happened for me was that I found their YouTubes first, and at that time I believe Vol. 9 on the Angels and some of Vol. Ten (Jesus Speaks to His Apostles) were uploaded, so I immersed myself in those, and then printed out Vol. 1 and read it twice before I ordered the Volumes. Also, if you go to the website and look at the description of each Volume and the titles of the Heaven Speaks Booklets, you may find your spirit calling out immediately to something, and you’ll be drawn to read that particular one sooner than later. No matter where you start, you will be greatly blessed. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting, Ken – I really appreciate you sharing some of your personal story like this.

  7. Thanks for all the kind words. I just downloaded and printed the first 100 pages of Volume I.

    As for Fire Within – I could not put it down. As I may have mentioned, I had no idea that I was capable of contemplative prayer, let alone that we are all called to it. That said, I think it will be a book I will re-read a number of times. I have notes in the margins, underlines, all things I need to go back and read again. Last night I read the introduction in Interior Castle and already have a better picture of the mansions then I got from Fr. Dubay’s summary – especially the details of each mansion. So I envision reading IC and then going back to FW and then maybe St. John of the Cross Night and back to FW, etc. We’ll see – I’m just trying to cooperate with the grace and follow my director’s lead.

    As for my story – I tell it as often as people ask me and hope to someday actually write it in total, more for my sake and maybe my kids. I have come from a point where I prayed for the courage to jump in front of a speeding train on a daily basis to fully comprehending Jeremiah 1:5, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I dedicated you, a prophet to the nations I appointed you.” I believe that long before I was born God had decided that I would work with Catholics in recovery and that the only way I could do it was to experience the horrors of alcoholism and addiction. I watch Fr. Doug try to work with the same people and he can connect with them at some level but not like I can because I am one of them. As a result I think the two of us plus the Holy Spirit make a great team!

    Thanks again for your time and encouragement!

  8. Way back before cell phones, Mapquest, and GPS units came to make our lives even easier, I had to go collect daughter from a horse-ridin’ friend’s house. They lived in the boonies of the boonies. She said over our Flintstonefones that I couldn’t miss the street, even though it has no sign; its entrance is heralded by a bus stop. How hard could it be? I and a traitorous bladder drove the boonies for 1.5 hours before driving 2 miles into town to find a phone (but sadly, no gas station). I set out again, like a mama bear (roarish), and realized I’d passed by that odd gray covered bench a number of times. Indeed, there was a dirt road right beside it. At last! I began to drive up where a Chrysler should never go–or at least not as fast as I’d hoped to go it. The dirt road, well, it’d be more accurate to call it an air road, since there was little land in between the ruts, went on for a mile or more. UPhill. This is how I feel whenever I set out to read “Fire Within.” The Chrysler slows to a crawl; it’s all uphill. Hence, I marvel at you, Ken, not least of all for your reading abilities! You seem to be on fire. That’s a good thing.

  9. How fast do y’all think I read it? It was just about a month. I was reading it at lunch for 45 minutes each day and for about an hour each night. I guess I should mention that I was not reading it “prayerfully”. Rather, as a text book knowing that I would definitely return to it. I also think it will have more meaning after a prayerful read of Interior Castle and some of the other tersian and sanjuanist works. I found parts of Fire Within difficult without being familair with all the books quoted. I also HATED having to flip to the back for the notes and references. Rather than flip back and forth between reading and notes and between it and the other books (especially since they didn’t arrive until last Friday!), I read it straight through.

    What I found most interesting was that my very first director was one of those that went through the quick SD course. If there is anything I regret on this journey it’s that I just stopped showing up. No call, no note – I should have at least had the decency to thank him for his time. If Jesus sees fit to remind me of his name – it’s been a few years – I will try to get in touch. But he was exactly the type that Fr. Dubay warns us to avoid.

    Thanks to both of you and know that you are in my prayers as we “trudge the Road of Happy Destiny” (AA Big Book, p.164)

  10. Just wanted to send an update about DFOT. In looking at their website for meetings around the US I learned that a woman whose son I coach in basketball had started a DFOT group in our parish. It had becon non-functional but just recently merged with a group at a nearby parish. Unfortunately they meet at 9:00 on Wedneday mornings that us working folk can’t make but at least I know of someone I can talk to in the flesh!

    Thanks again! Ken

  11. That’s wonderful news, Ken! Maybe you’ll discover after talking with some of the group that they know of other working people who would have liked to attend too but can’t, and perhaps an evening or weekend meeting could be set up in the future.

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