Sister Donna's Prayer of the Heart Series: Part 6 of 6

Part 6: Exploring Prayer of the Heart (Based on Chapter 31) Way of Perfection

Sister Donna does such a thorough job in Part 6 of explaining Chapter 31 that there is really nothing left of the chapter for me to highlight!  I love her own comparison of this prayer of quiet to a baby totally surrendering to sleep in the arms of a trusted parent.

Perhaps I will just re-emphasize one point in the chapter that Sister Donna has also covered in her video, that of the desire one feels to prolong this state, because I think it is something many of us have experienced, especially early on.  Teresa writes:  “The will is the one that is captive here.  If there is some sorrow that can be experienced while in this state, that sorrow comes from a realization that the will must return to the state of being free.”  A little further in the chapter, where Sister Donna speaks of some peoples’ fear of even taking a breath lest the prayer of quiet disappear, Teresa says, “This is foolish, for just as there’s nothing we can do to make the sun rise, there’s little we can do to keep it from setting.  This prayer is no longer our work, for it’s something very supernatural and something very much beyond our power to acquire by ourselves.  The best way to hold on to this favor is to understand clearly that we can neither bring it about nor remove it; we can only receive it with gratitude, as most unworthy of it…”

I would like to thank Sister Donna once again for her work in putting together this series and sharing both St. Teresa of Avila’s insights with us, as well as her own. God bless and protect you in your continued evangelization and in your life of prayer, Sister Donna, and know that we are inspired and grateful for you living out your vocation in such a way that we all may benefit from it.


9 thoughts on “Sister Donna's Prayer of the Heart Series: Part 6 of 6

  1. I am occasionally brilliant. Most times, an overhead view is helpful to my kind. And then there are days when I am as intuitive as a hunk of blond penuche fudge. As I say, I have trouble differentiating between this and that (suffice it to say that I went to Lamaze classes, also read on my own about the stages of labor, was prepared for transition to hit me.. and when it did, after my having missed every single leading sign, I was most shocked and thought the child was falling out). Am I to understand that first there is the Prayer of Recollection (mine), then Prayer of the Heart (Ours), and then the Prayer of Quiet (His)?

  2. Carol, if you go to my “About” page here, and use the link to my old site, then go in the August 2006 archives, on Aug. 4th and Aug. 10th is what I posted (Parts 1 and 2 posts) for the Fourth Mansions re Interior Castle, and I think that will help more than I can here in the combox. I know you can read the posts on this site too, but the comments didn’t get transferred over, and I think you’ll get a kick out of them, Honora! Gosh, those were the good ‘ol days. How you guys all kept my spirits up! And you still slay me.

  3. ROFL! They were the good ol days, weren’t they, Gab? Really it was a time of discovery and a lot of fun for me. I’ll never forget your one year anniversary party. I went to your old blog and had a nice walk down memory lane. I love you guys.

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