Giving Thanks

Well, call me a diehard, but our turkey is real and I’ll be up all night making the pumpkin pies!


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Happy Thanksgiving weekend, my fellow Canadians!


8 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. Will ye be making any of those rayon candies predicted in ’49?

    Oh my.. at least buy the pies!! Either way, happy Thanksgiving.


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  3. Hey, ThePopeDidIt! –glad you/your StBlogs’ crawler picked up on this blog.

    (And indeed, the Pope did do it –he has officially declared our Fr. Damien of Molokai a saint. Awesome!)

  4. A very, very Happy Thanksgiving to you Gabrielle and to all of the Catholic bloggers north of our border. It’s Columbus Day down here so we are celebrating being discovered.

  5. Carol, thank you! Well, I did make the pies, and they were yummy, but my one concession to fake was Cool Whip instead of making my own whipped cream, and perhaps that might almost qualify as rayon candy, because I glanced at the ingredients and barely recognized anything on the list…

    I haven’t quite figured out how “The Pope Did It”, or what it’s all about, but I’ll take this pingback as something positive, I guess… but that’s joyous and welcome news about Saint Damien!!! 🙂

    My dear Lucy, they called you “spam” – how dare they??? Lucky I saw your comment in the list before they deleted you forever! Have no idea why that would happen since you have a normal url, etc. But thank you for your good wishes! We had a marvelous weekend!

    Terry, thanks! I forgot it was Columbus Day for you guys! I didn’t have time to visit anyone lately, so didn’t see anyone talking about it. I hope you had a wonderful long-weekend too!

  6. I’d just walked in the door with 3 pies in hand, lol, when I read that you were going to make your own. (Oy, I felt so guilty– could you tell?) We’d invited daughter’s almost father-in-law-and-other-grandpa (and his son –the new baby-to-be’s uncle) over for a lasagne dinner on the day of your celebration. How is it that I lived this long without knowing Man eats ONLY pumpkin pie if possible, and that Woman must finish the pecan and apple pies herself, if she doesn’t find kids and neighbours to do so? Thanks to husband’s Irish aunt, I’ve learned how to make both whipped cream and hard sauce.. it’s really fun, isn’t it? I’ve had very traumatic moments with pie crusts, though, so I’ll leave the pie-making to you, God love ya.

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