St. Faustina

St. Faustina

O my Jesus, my Master and Director, strengthen and enlighten me in these difficult moments of my life.  I expect no help from people; all my hope is in You.  I feel alone in the face of Your demands, O Lord.  Despite the fears and qualms of my nature, I am fulfilling Your holy will and desire to fulfill it as faithfully as possible throughout my life and in my death.  Jesus, with You I can do all things.  Do with me as You please; only give me Your merciful Heart and that is enough for me.

[The Diary, Notebook II, # 650] 


7 thoughts on “St. Faustina

  1. The entry following that one is sweet, too. She reminds one of Little Therese. It would seem that such as this book, as the heart of a church-proffered discussion group (in any Christian denomination) would be very fruitful.

  2. I appreciate reading a statement like this from a truly holy person. I feel in good company since I share these sentiments, particularly the “fears and qualms” part.

  3. Thank you all so much for your beautiful comments. It touched my heart that St. Faustina said she expected no help from people, and indeed, in reading her Diary and the writings and biographies of other religious as well, we see how it was often the case that they received little help from their fellow-religious and/or superiors. Yet here we are to support one another, in great part due to the suffering and isolation of those like St. Faustina who have gone before us.

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