Hildegard of Bingen

In his book, “Hildegard of Bingen: Healing and the Nature of the Cosmos”, author Heinrich Schipperges writes:

A continuous “celestial liturgy” dominated Hildegard’s artistic creations. According to her, this liturgy was sung in perfect unison (una voce) and would continue forever (sine fine) with voices alternating (alter ad alterum) in an eternal responsory. Humanity and the cosmos existed in unique musical concord, bringing all people’s hearts into consonance (anima symphonialis est) and serving not only as a guide to healthy living but as the basis of an effective system of healing and therapy. All the arts were divinely inspired, “and therefore it is only fitting that body and soul sing hymns of praise through the voice of God.” [page 19]

I will be posting more later on my thoughts surrounding Hildegard’s statement that music should serve “not only as a guide to healthy living but as the basis of an effective system of healing and therapy”, but for now I would like to leave you with this beautiful artistic performance, in which I’m sure Hildegard takes great delight:


4 thoughts on “Hildegard of Bingen

  1. Well, after this comment, I’m afraid Hildegard would hand me a gramophone and a 45 (with a little plastic thing in the middle) of “I Am the Walrus” and call it a day, as might you and deservedy so, but I’ve indeed been wondering about the meaning of our being able to hear dragonfly wings so well — don’t they just need to hear one another? Why should we also hear them? And the same for how the ducklings made the whole river shiver yesterday. I’d often thought that anything that moves the water even by minute vibration jogs/bathes new little hatchings/growings (fish/frog /mosquito/other eggs, and plants) as its ripples hit the shore, but I couldn’t figure out the meaning of ducklings wiggling an entire river’s surface. Maybe it mimics when a large animal like a moose is in the water so as to fake out predators; or maybe it’s simply to spur growth/birth as mentioned above — but now you’ve got me thinking it may also be music, like a tuning fork’s low hum. Maybe every body of water offered a purr to Adam. God knows, it’s therapy.

    Lovely voices and music on this video, G. Pristine sounds. I’m glad these go up to Him, too.

  2. Carol, I don’t have any idea either about the significance of the ducklings’ wiggling over the surface of the water, but your mentioning of sound/vibrations is very much a part of what I’m interested in. One of the difficulties in exploring this (as well as much of Hildegard’s work in a variety of areas) is the likelihood of being blasted as fiddling in New Age territory, but I think it’s important to be able to explore the beautiful mysteries of God’s universe and the ways He has provided for our healing and joy. I’m going to try to present some of my thoughts on this over the course of the fall and winter.

  3. I am looking forward to your explorations. I’ve been asking a lot of questions, lately. Like about the moon’s effect on the earth and her tides, and how the earth just keeps turning (somehow.. how? Science does not have a good enough answer for me!) –and how it’s a living thing, too.. I recall not wanting to step on the little white flowers on a hill over at Fort McClary once — I just felt like I was running all over someone’s lovely floral head.. I’m sure that sounds new-agey, and perhaps Gaia-friendly, but like you, I know Who made every head, every white flower, every spike of grass..everything from the highest mountaintop to the deepest sea bottom, from above the highest universe to below the center of this planet, and I am constantly amazed and re-amazed even by all His tangible gifts –even in this world, in this life; who can imagine what more lies beyond us, soul-wise, magnificence-wise? And who dares limit Him to known creations? Not I. I marveled at a V of geese flying overhead this morn, the lead goose cutting the air for the others, the left rear-guard honking every couple seconds as if to say, “All’s well –keep on keepin’ on!” and I had to chuckle with Him for programming them forever. He’s just brilliant– and absolutely in touch.

    By the way, ducklings passing by on a river apparently can heal a wonky hip (for a while), and the sound of dragonfly wings is a song to ease weariness, I’m certain. It might be a Love song; I’ll have to listen more closely.

  4. Well, I know so little of how to even begin to express what I’d like to explore, I won’t even try yet, but I’m making my list for what I want to study in heaven. Thank God we’ll have an eternity. 🙂

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