The Triumph of the Cross

Cross and Sacred Heart

Struggle ensues from this union of his love with us. For him alone, without us, there would be no struggle, for he loves the Father and human beings; he is Love. We, however, are not-love, with which his love burdens itself in order to overcome it. This overcoming does not take place in eternity; the battle is fought on earth, unto the death on the Cross, within the measurable time of the Son’s life that is depicted for us in Scripture, that we see as a limited period within our time, but that belongs so much to eternity that his years on earth cannot be subtracted from the eternity of the Son. Suffering in our time unto death, the Son makes known to us that the time of suffering is transitory, that his triumph in the Resurrection is a victory of heaven over earth, a proof of the Father’s power in the Son of Man, and that we share in this victory and our present time will be conquered by imperishable time.

[The Gates of Eternal Life, Adrienne von Speyr, pgs. 24-25]


7 thoughts on “The Triumph of the Cross

  1. For him alone, without us, there would be no struggle, for he loves the Father and human beings; he is Love. We, however, are not-love, with which his love burdens itself in order to overcome it.

    One could think on this for a long time.

  2. Yes. We tend to think that when we are yoked to Christ, all the time wondering how He can say His burden is light (because we think we’re asking for suffering big-time by helping Him carry His cross and entering into the Passion), that we will be the ones lightening His burden, when we, in fact, are the burden. He is the one who willingly yokes Himself to us, to all of humanity; and because He is Love and Mercy, He can still say, My burden is light.

  3. When anyone loves you, it lifts you higher. But when He loves you, all of reality as we know it is lifted. I once thought of how a young man would give me his sweater or sports jacket of a cool Fall night, and guarded even my feet from ruts and puddles as we walked and talked.. and of how a family friend put his arm protectively around my back when I was pregnant, when a car came too close as he and I checked my tire –he stepped out further behind me so that if anything got hit, it would be him, not me, and he was so angry at such a thoughtless driver. But Christ gives us, male and female, His own robe in a cool Fallen world’s night while having taken on our shabby and/or sullied suit of flesh not fit for a king to wear to the Cross, and arranged to guard our feet as we go along so vulnerable to disorders of our temporal environment, and how He is the source of all angelic arms around our backs, the go-between of dangers of the most spiritually mortal kind. He stepped between us and the one who doesn’t care that we are uniquely we, let alone pregnant.

    Yep, sometimes it’s really fun to be inside my head. 🙂 And yes, we do always think we are His Simon, when it is He Who is our Simon all along our own via dolorosa.

  4. Hi Pia! Adrienne von Speyr has a way of making me think differently, especially when prompted by readers’ insights… how are you doing?

    Carol, your Christ-imagery and insights are very beautiful. We’re blessed that you can get it out of your head and heart and onto “paper”.

  5. These type of expressions of the victory already won are what comfort and inspire me. Sufferings come and go, as does happiness. But the victory of Christ is forever. And what will be is inconceivable for us.

  6. That’s very true, Terry; meditating on the “victory already won” can really renew our courage and perseverence through all the ups and downs of our lives, and I think if we could do it in a sustained way we wouldn’t fall victim to the continuous negativity we’re bombarded with on the daily news, etc.

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