Sister Donna's Prayer of the Heart Series: Part 1 of 6

Part 1:  The Story of St. Teresa of Avila

I spent nearly twenty years on that stormy sea, often falling in this way and each time rising again, but to little purpose, as I would only fall once more. My life was so far from perfection that I took hardly any notice of venial sins; as to mortal sins, although afraid of them, I was not so much so as I ought to have been; for I did not keep free from danger of falling into them. I can testify that this is one of the most grievous kinds of life which I think can be imagined, for I had neither any joy in God nor any pleasure in the world. When I was in the midst of worldly pleasures, I was distressed by the remembrance of what I owed to God; when I was with God, I grew restless because of worldly affections.

From:  Selected Writings of St. Teresa of Avila, Revised, Adapted and Modernized by Monsignor Wm. J. Doheny, C.S.C., pgs. 220-221. [This particular quotation was taken from St. Teresa of Avila’s “Life”, Vol. 1, pgs. 48-49]


4 thoughts on “Sister Donna's Prayer of the Heart Series: Part 1 of 6

  1. That stormy sea of being “neither here nor there” is as fruitless as it is exhausting. Holy friends are crucially needed dinghies.

    BTW, thanks to you, I am beginning to feel that I know St. Teresa of Avila. I know to Whom she points always, but she herself is well worth coming to know. What a nice series.

  2. Cathy, me too! I didn’t watch them all ahead of time, so I could re-read the upcoming chapters more slowly!

    Sheila, St. Teresa often talks about the importance (and relief) of being able to talk with “holy friends”!

    Elizabeth, mine too. I have often credited her with having saved my sanity. (Well, at least she did what she could.)

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