Feastday of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

In what way might we honour Our Lady today?  Have we given it any thought?  

The gentle dance of these beautiful Carmelite nuns of Cebu, Philippines in homage to Mary has left me wondering what I might do that would never ordinarily cross my mind.  There is something about the sweet innocence of this dance and the nuns’ interpretation of the accompanying song that makes me realize that my interaction with Mary might still be a bit too staid.  She is our Mother, after all, and that’s a very personal, intimate relationship. God has given each one of us talents, and it occurs to me that Mary would take delight, as any mother would, in receiving a gift which is an expression of her children’s creativity.


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Are you aware of the extraordinary graces attached to a true devotion to the Brown Scapular? If not, see today’s post at “Consecrated to Mary”…


8 thoughts on “Feastday of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

  1. This day is a special feast day in our town, or rather in the marina community a few miles away from the town center. There will be a procession on the water, with a statue of Our Lady in a boat and others following. For the first time, the sea will be calm enough to have this event on the same day as the feast. Then tonight there will be festivities with music, food, street vendors, etc. And of course, fireworks on the water. It’s also my mother’s and my niece’s birthday..so it’s a pretty important day around my neck of the woods!

  2. That all sounds so beautiful, Pia. I hope you have/had time to take part/watch/enjoy all these events for the feastday being held so close by! And a big Happy Birthday to your Mom and niece! Fireworks on the water is always so spectacular; I love them when they are timed to music too.

  3. Oh thank you, yes.. it’s funny that until the past few years, I’d never looked up any of our birthdays to see whose saint’s day each correlated with. I find that my kids and their birthday’s feast saints aren’t necessarily similar, but it’s one more option we’ve been given for help with and for one’s kids. I think of how I’m looking at 70 or 80 from the 57 side of it, now, and I’d like to get all these offspring settled with their spiritual moms and dads and sibs before I depart.

  4. “it’s one more option we’ve been given for help with and for one’s kids.”

    Absolutely. We weren’t raised in our family knowing about birthdays/saints’ feastdays or many of the other special feastdays either, but I really love taking special notice of them now, and I think it’s wonderful if it can become a part of the family life.

    Be good now! See you in a couple of weeks!

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