(Sacred) Heart of the World – 2

I am the vine, you are the branches. You have blossomed forth from me. Are you then surprised if a drop of my Heart’s blood trickles into your every thought and deed? Are you surprised if the thoughts of my Heart quietly infiltrate your worldly heart? If a whispering takes wing in you and day and night you perceive a low, beckoning call? To a love that wants to suffer, to a love that, together with mine, redeems? Are you surprised if the desire comes upon you to risk your life and all your strength and put them in jeopardy for your brothers? And to complete in your own body what is still lacking to my sufferings, what must still lack as long as I have not suffered my Passion in all my branches and members? For, to be sure, none of you is redeemed by anyone save myself; but I am the total Redeemer only united with each of you. Do you want to accomplish the great change with me and build up the Father’s Kingdom? Do you want to live my mind, the resolve of one who did not hold on to his form of God convulsively and clutchingly, but who broke it and emptied it out so that it began to flow as the courage to serve and as lowliness, became obedient even unto death on the Cross? Are you willing? For my work must be perfected in you and it will be brought to term only when my Heart beats in yours, only when all hearts, now submissive and docile, beat for the Father together in my Heart. Are you willing?

[Hans Urs von Balthasar, Heart of the World, pgs. 80-81]


4 thoughts on “(Sacred) Heart of the World – 2

  1. “And to complete in your own body what is still lacking to my sufferings”

    I’ve always broken my head trying to understand this, I mean, if Jesus’s sacrifice was perfect, what could possibly be missing? And here is this amazing, simple response. WOW.

  2. Well, I think many people have “broken their heads” over that one, Pia, if you go by the number of explanations they’ve all come up with over the years!

    What I find truly beautiful about von B.’s explanation here is that when we are united to Christ in suffering, it’s not our suffering anymore, it’s His suffering, in us. Just like anything good we do is really Christ doing it from within us, so too anything we suffer and unite to Him is really His suffering within us. We are told by the Church that through baptism we become priests, prophets and kings, and I think von B. is trying to show us that through uniting ourselves to Christ’s suffering we also become like little paschal lambs. As more and more people consciously do this, the more the lack will be filled, and could it be that when this lack is completely filled we will see the Reign of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary…

  3. Well,I was at a loss for words tonight when, while chatting with an Italian friend, she told me that the doctors have finally figured out what’s ailing her after years of searching for a diagnosis. All auto-immune issues, all at the same time..Behchet’s, connectivitis, fibromyalgia, some kind of intestinal issue and a few other things, plus, get this, maybe lymphoma. And when I said I was going to have a few words with God tonight, (because hey, ok…one gets sick, maybe even critically ill, but to have so many things at once), she said, If you talk to HIm, thank Him for me. And she meant it.
    I’m going to copy your comment and ask her “Is this what you mean?” In the meantime, dear Gab, please add her to her prayers (Lia). She’s become very dear to me (I met her thru my blog and she’s one of the 2 people who helped me back in March, when I was upset about a certain post I’d put up at my blog. And guess what. In the midst of our discussions about that, she mentioned that she wasn’t feeling well again and our talks made her decide to go to the doctor’s (she suspected MS). Now she thanks me because I was a blundering idiot…God sure does work in mysterious ways!

  4. Oh my goodness, Pia – I will certainly pray for Lia. It is one thing to try to unite our sufferings to the Lord’s, for we all have/will have suffering, but to thank Him for them is another thing entirely, isn’t it, especially in the midst of intense pain. She sounds like a beautiful person, someone who has reached a perfect or near-perfect state of abandonment, where all in life is One.

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