From Julia Cameron’s, Blessings.  Prayers and Declarations for a Heartful Life:

I Accept My Blessings As They Unfold Within Me

I am blossoming in Spirit’s time.  Knowing this, I turn to my inner flowering securely. Within the environment of my own heart, I enjoy the sunlight of safety, the warmth of harmony, the strength of right companions. Focused on the reality that Spirit is my constant companion, I remember to be comforted by the continuity of my blessings. Grounded in the safety of divine presence, I am able to breathe deeply, pause in my striving, and notice the unfolding of one gift into another. My life is evolutionary and revolutionary. My attitude of openness, expectation, and observation yields me a sense of abundance.

[Artwork: Mustard Field, Franck Innocent, 1964]


2 thoughts on “Blossoming

  1. She’s lucky.. I still have to turn to outer things to break the occasional choke-hold. This weekend was inwardly outrageous. We here are dealing with our most *Catholic* Notre Dame University having awarded Mr. Uber Obortion an honorary degree and fawning all over him to have him speak to our young people at commencement, as if there was any reason he should. Any. Then, a priest we’ve none of us met before was sent by our cluster-bullish new pastor to yell at us via the Gospel of, er, loving one another. He told us how the pastor had shared St. Nuisance folks’ private emails to him, and informed us (us being the old, the families, those with oxygen cannula, canes, limps, seeing eye dog..) that some were decent, but some were vicious! Then, not only do we find out that Cassie’s husband (and little LaylaMae-to-be-seen-in-June’s daddy) was blown up atop the Humvee, thereby shattering both eardrums and causing some brain damage, but that Afghanistan is likely going to remain his *hospital* until his regularly-scheduled send-home time –about a week before he was to see this baby he hasn’t even had a chance to feel, yet, if Layla comes on time.. Well, along with other things, like looking at blogs I know I shouldn’t–especially when fear for another’s/others’ soul is caused, it knocks someone like me down –I lose the serenity of the Indwelling; I stop knowing of my own blossoming, and of course, that helps no one further than forcing me to seek others’ prayers for the wounded of so many kinds. Last night, I derailed a haranguing-to-be (and an admonishing letter to local clergy) by deliberately looking at funny sites. Comical, innocent things, but utterly hilarious. I know that’s not for everyone, but when one hasn’t a little shrine-corner, or if there are no Tabernacles one can get to at the time, humor is useful, too. It brought me back to the point of having compassion on the most troubled (pain in the a) folks, and to the point of awareness of Personal abundance, again. I did breathe deeply, both inside and out, then. He deserves our secure presence in His presence; He lived, died and rose for exactly that.

  2. Humour is a blessed gift, and I think we would all benefit from much more of it in our lives; it’s one of His great gifts to us, both in receiving it from others, being able ourselves to bring out the humorous side of tense situations, and just the physical/emotional release of laughing until your sides are aching with family, good friends and even strangers.

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