My Light Magazine

If you have young children or grandchildren (or are just a kid at heart), here is a wonderful site:  My Light Magazine

It’s an online Catholic magazine for children, with lots of activities, and you can also receive it in PDF format in your inbox.

I just spent 18 minutes and 37 seconds trying to put together one of the virtual jigsaw puzzles, called My Light’s Logo.  Keep in mind (if you do it yourself in under a minute) that I have always been spatially-challenged.  Well I remember my then two-year-old looking at me with such a gaze of sympathy and consternation as I tried to demonstrate his new toy and shapes-toycould not for the life of me get the geometric plastic blocks through the proper holes.  He took it away from me and did it himself in less than a minute.  It wasn’t long after that that he began his semi-annual questioning of myself and his father, asking us with a very hopeful look on his face if he had been adopted.  🙂


5 thoughts on “My Light Magazine

  1. Enjoy! I realized afterwards, Cathy, that it has been so long since I’ve done a jigsaw puzzle, I forgot to start with the edges. Yes, that is my excuse. 🙂

  2. I no longer have those nightmares where I suddenly discover in the midst of a busy downtown area that I forgot my slacks — now the nightmares are of my drooling while holding a Rubik’s cube– while a nearby 3 yr old beats me at checkers. Wait, that one wasn’t a dream! Not likely that I’ll click on this, then, but I’ll pass it along to the little guy. Thanks.

  3. 12:03

    The average is 12:06. I’m damaged for life, now –what pressure!

    Hey, it’s a really cute site, G –thank you!

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