Feastday of Our Lady of Fatima


Prayer to Our Lady of Fatima for the Children of the World

O Mary, you freely and lovingly embraced the will of God for you by accepting the call to be the Mother of his Son.  With the help of St. Joseph you raised the child Jesus so that he grew in wisdom, age and grace before God and humanity.

You appeared to the children of Fatima, confiding in them, though they be young and unknown, to reveal to the world your message of conversion and peace.

We ask you now, Our Lady of Fatima, to gather all the children of the world into your loving embrace.  Grant them God’s gifts of health and peace, of security and love.  Help them to know and use the many gifts and talents they have been given for the betterment of the one human race.  Inspire them one day to be men and women of peace.

O Lord, through the intercession of your Mother Mary, bless and keep your children.  Amen.

[Taken from the booklet:  Our Lady of Fatima with Prayers and Devotions, in the “Florentine Lives of the Saints” collection]

Celebration at Fatima – May 13, 2006


6 thoughts on “Feastday of Our Lady of Fatima

  1. Please ask Our lady of Fatima on her feast day to help Madeleine McCann who was abducted from her holiday apartment in Portugal two years ago.
    It’s her birthday today she will be six years old.

  2. I didn’t realize it was Madeleine’s birthday today; I have just prayed for her to Our Lady, and will keep Madeleine in my prayers to Mary throughout the day today. Thanks for visiting, anon.

  3. I will pray for the little one, too. This might be a good time to suggest reading “The Shack.” It shall never have an imprimatur, but it has solace value regarding disappeared children.

    Amen to the prayer above, G. Last night, completely unrelatedly, I was searching for “Fatima prayers.” I encountered the usual controversies as I clicked here and there –distressing, and then I got waylaid by an email, but now I know why I was searching particularly Fatima prayers! The mind may forget, but the soul has a built-in calendar.

    A lovely video, too. I marvel that when packed like sardines, if all we can do is wave white handkerchiefs and throw flower petals before an image of Mary, then that is what we do. I love it. I am sure she does, too.

  4. I am fascinated by the fact that Jacinto and Francisco died so young and Lucia lived to be 97 and died the same year as JPII. There is something utterly divine about that timing.

  5. Carol, “The mind may forget, but the soul has a built-in calendar.” Oh, I wish mine did! I always feel distraught when I’ve missed one of my favourite saints’ feastdays or a Marian feastday. When I was growing up, we seemed to only focus on the major ones, so it’s only been in recent years, as I’ve followed the liturgical calendar much more closely, that I’ve come to know and celebrate in some small way so many of the others. This is one of the reasons why I admire the homeschooling families and many of the younger Catholic parents in recent years who make it a part of their family-life to celebrate feastdays with their children with arts & crafts, special activities, etc.

    Terry, isn’t it true! I remember seeing a video on Pia’s blog once, where JPII and Sr. Lucia were sitting and chatting! Can you imagine the conversations they are having now, and what they might be working on together!

  6. Well, we must take my statements from whence they come — I’ve been thinking Pentecost is this Sunday, lol. Er, that’s kind of a biggie to goof up on, eh? Let’s just say maybe the soul grows a calendar..

    Yours and Terry’s comments made me think of JP II’s great entrance into eternal life.. if he hesitated at all as to which Mom to embrace first, I am sure Mary made the decision easier by stepping back so he could hug the mom he lost so early. I’m also thinking of how we lost Jacinta and Francisco early, but we ended up with Mother Teresa and JP II (not to mention many others, but oh, those two..whew).

    Yes, the timing.. on the day my mom died, her building’s workman died very very unexpectedly of natural causes. Unfortunately, he was only 42 if that, and left behind not only his own kids and a devoted wife, but dozens of youngsters in some baseball teams who loved him dearly.. Lizette (his wife) and I marveled at God’s timing, because my mom and Bob had become good friends and had often talked, made one another laugh, and likely spoke about the Lord, especially after my mom’s diagnosis.. it gave both of us comfort to think of them not being alone on that last leg of the journey Home.

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