Spring Speaks

[From: The Circle of Life. The Heart’s Journey Through the Seasons, by Joyce Rupp & Macrina Wiederkehr, pg. 29]

Learn to be attentive in this new season of your life, and I will continue to teach you.  I want to share my beauty with you now that you are growing older.  Beauty is the heart’s balm.  Each day I anoint you with the beauty and energy of my spring soul.


Each day I drink in the joy of being such a lovely season.  I know I have the power to lift people’s spirits.  You, too, have this power.  Honor the miracle of your life.  Sink your roots deeper into your inner garden and grow strong with healing power.  Discover the good medicine of your being.  Cherish your potential to be a healing presence in people’s lives.


7 thoughts on “Spring Speaks

  1. The Lord is outdoing Himself around here –one can hardly see the ghastly utility trailer and old commode of splintered life for all His burgeoning and blossoming and burstings into Beauty. Our apple tree is ablaze from tip to toe, so much so, a new bird has come to nest with her mate –and hers (his?) is such a song, even the cat looks up over and over to catch every note of joy, every time. Why has no one exported this, for we need to both cover and out-sing the guns.

    Imagine us being likened to being such a season for another. Yes, it’s possible.. This is a beautiful musing.

  2. Hi anon. Hi anon. I have to scoot; will be back in a day or two to catch up on comments here and at some other posts. I’m a busy bee, but I’d rather be an apple blossom. 🙂

  3. ROFL! I’d rather be an apple blossom than a bee, too — I think both birds’ feet and bees’ feet running across my face would make me chuckle. That’d either spook the rest of the tree, or delight it.

    Well, wouldn’t you know that the very moment I think there are no more “Anonymouses” so that it’d be alright to post a comment that way rather than see “Carol” over and over on your comment side-panel (embarrassing), a real “Anon” comes forth. Henceforth, I will leave that option to others, but for darned sure, you’ve got me thinking.

  4. “Imagine us being likened to being such a season for another.” But we know it’s true, don’t we, and I’m sure that the healing works (and not just physical) are one of the types of works that Jesus was referring to in John 14:12, because it was such a large part of His ministry while on earth. As Pia so often posted about (re Etty and others), and uses as her tagline, a healing balm…and we can be this for others when Christ lives in us and we serve others in His Name.

    Our crabapple tree is in blossom too; oh, my. One can only look at it and be enraptured.

  5. There is a whole book in one’s glance at a freshly-blossomed apple tree, yes? *Somehow* birds have transported our tree’s seeds to the side yard, too — oh, to see flowers in the thicket there, pink and white and cerise..wow, but anyway, when I looked out back yesterday to the main tree, there were white things all over the ground (white things that I can stand!), and although my mind said it was petals despite the fact that the tree is still all ablaze from tip to toe and arm to arm, I couldn’t help thinking it was manna. In a manna of speaking, it is, and so I went out for a closer look. I supposed this bounty as the lilacs, too, is why winter was so rough, and once again I must concede that God knows what He’s doing. I’ve told you about the brand-new bird couple, haven’t I? So far, three grown men (along with every woman) have stopped in mid-sentence and looked behind them and said, “I love that bird!” Aye, the other white stuff was worth my temporary devastation. God is magnificently, extravagantly wise.

    Yes, to be a similar balm.. It’s very important to keep that “l” in there, isn’t it? 🙂

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