Messages from St. Catherine of Siena

Today is the feastday of St. Catherine of Siena. For any of you who are not familiar with her, I will put a link here to my post of last year.

Anne the Lay Apostle received two messages from St. Catherine of Siena, both of which I would like to share with you today. I would like to highlight three blogger friends today as well:

  • Cathy (A Bit of the Blarney), whose patron saint is St. Catherine
  • Aeternus
  • Marie-Cecile (Soulful Longings and God’s Wonderful Love)

In Cathy’s post today, she quotes St. Catherine of Siena:  Your neighbors are the channel through which your virtues are tested and come to birth…”  We hear/read the same in The Message dated July 27, 2004 where St. Catherine says:  “So from now on, when you are having difficulties with other souls, thank Jesus.  Continually work on your own soul and ask yourself what this opportunity could help you with spiritually.  Should you practice humility?  Are you too fond of the esteem of others?  Should you practice detachment?  Is the world an alluring pull for you?  Should you practice trust?  Are you having difficulty trusting Jesus?  Are you seeking to fill your needs through other avenues?….This is a time for grace.  This is a time for spiritual growth.  There are great spiritual opportunities available now.  Use every one.”  Cathy also reminds us in her post about St. Catherine of Siena’s “…Dialogues (written accounts of her revelations from God) and her Letters which initially gave spiritual instruction and encouragement…”   We see how God has always and will always use whomever He chooses for this type of work.   St. Catherine received from the Lord primarily in ecstasy; Anne the Lay Apostle received The Messages through interior locutions.

In her post today, Aeternus shares an excerpt from The Dialogue of St. Catherine of Siena, part of which I quote here:  “Oh! Supreme and Eternal Goodness of God, who am I, miserable one, that You, Supreme and Eternal Father, have manifested to me Your Truth, and the hidden deceits of the Devil, and the deceitfulness of personal feeling, so that I, and others in this life of pilgrimage, may know how to avoid being deceived by the Devil or ourselves!”  I am reminded of something that Anne the Lay Apostle wrote in her book, Climbing the Mountain (page 78); she tells us that as a messenger, she is only another “fellow slave of heaven”.

Marie-Cecile of Soulfull Longings and God’s Wonderful Love always came to mind every time I listened to or read the Message I put up in my previous post.  Each time I heard Anne and Dr. Miravalle speak of consistency of service, Marie-Cecile’s work is what I thought of. As she indicated in a previous comment, MC always places herself in the background in comparison to the greatness of God, because it is God she wishes to glorify and certainly not herself; but I can tell you, MC, your quiet service does not go unnoticed by Him or others. There have been many occasions over the last three years where I might have gone to sleep a little down or distraught, except for having checked in with you before bedtime and read some of your faithful and uplifting posts, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and as St. Catherine of Siena said in her Message of July 26, 2004: “You might not believe this, thinking you are not that important, but I assure you that through even the quietist, most humble service, Jesus can save many souls.”

And now, on to the Messages from St. Catherine of Siena:

Volume Seven: Message dated July 26, 2004

Volume Seven: Message dated July 27, 2004


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