Father Thomas Dubay – Deep Prayer

In conjunction with my recent post (Father Thomas Dubay – Deep Conversion), here is the second interview done by Peter Herbeck on the show, “The Choices We Face”, a production of Renewal Ministries.  In this interview, Father Dubay and Mr. Herbeck discuss “deep prayer”.  Many thanks to Christopher Paul for providing these videos on his Tangle channel.  The interviews, as well as other wonderful resources, can also be found on the website of Renewal Ministries.

Some highlights:

  • there are degrees of depth of intimacy with Triune Beauty
  • the importance of teaching meditative prayer to youngsters, to help them move beyond solely vocal prayer
  • the movement from meditative prayer to the beginnings of infused contemplative prayer (God-given), then to advanced contemplative prayer and ultimately the Transforming Union
  • infused contemplation is an experience, a knowing, loving awareness of God with no traits of words, images or concepts.  God makes Himself experienced to those who want Him
  • there is a universal call to deep prayer, and God will give the grace to all who desire it to reach the Transforming Union
  • we have to do the work to get through any blockages (eg., venial sins) that prevent us from moving forward into the deeper levels of intimacy God desires for us
  • the inter-causality between deep conversion and deep prayer

2 thoughts on “Father Thomas Dubay – Deep Prayer

  1. Interesting.. it was my “nap” partner (most unfortunately, but also fortunately for now I’ll listen to it again!) and at the end, it mentions the church that Mary, my son’s mother, moved him beside. We went into it a few weeks ago shortly after their last Sunday Mass had ended. The altars are shaped like Notre Dame, spires and spires and spires. Oh yes, the bells ring twice a day, and the slower funeral bells are enough to break a heart, says son. All the statues were covered in deep purple draping, and incense hung in the air. My wood-hungry senses sensed much wood. We went up to the Pieta for a moment, and then I made the stop at the VI Station, and all in all, I felt sorry for anyone who has missed out on such as this their whole lives, and who are missing out on it now for whatever reason. Especially now. God, how can it be? Anyway, thank you.

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