Our Harpist

Effortlessly (by Mechtild of Magdeburg)

Love flows from God into man,
Like a bird
Who rivers the air
Without moving her wings.
Thus we move in His world
One in body and soul,
Though outwardly separate in form.
As the Source strikes the note,
Humanity sings —
The Holy Spirit is our harpist,
And all strings
Which are touched in Love
Must sound.

Found onΒ the Poetry Chaikhana site.

Si Bheag, Si Mhor, with Mark Harmer


16 thoughts on “Our Harpist

  1. I love being played by the Holy Spirit. That is something we should be aware of, isn’t it? And having been known to many family as “Carol Ann” (or “Cattle Ann,” by MeMere), I liked Turlough O’Carolan even before the first CD of his sounded here. And mmm, bluebells. ..my morning got off to a rough start (noisy, cold, noisy), but it’s getting sooo much better.

  2. Isn’t it beautiful? Glad you enjoyed it.

    Sending a shoutout to Ann, who I know is being very quiet for Lent – this was especially for you! In the poem, the lines “Like a bird who rivers the air without moving her wings” reminded me exactly of something Ann would write. Now, sshhh. πŸ™‚

  3. Reminded me of her, too, G. I can hahdly wait until there’s a new post at the top, tho’, because whenever I read, “Our Harpist” I read it in New Englandese: “Ah Hah-pist.” Seriously, there are priests hereabouts who lead us thus: “Ah Fah-thah..” and it is plumb cruel for me to remind myself that we’re in New England today– ah snow is up to the bahns’ raftahs. *sigh.. I’m trying to remember there’s something Grand between the roses and the snow.

  4. I wish I could post and visit people more often, but there hardly seems to be any time for it lately. I’m longing for summertime…when the living is easy…

  5. This is just so very beautiful…i’m on a roll…i’ve prayed my morning Office, visited a few fave blogs, listened to this stunning music AND i have washed the breakfast dishes!

  6. G, it must be a nuisance to travel in Ottawa’s snow day in and day out.. we just got another foot recently, and it’s (plowed) more than 3/4 up the light poles in the parking lots, now. I wish we could send it to the west coast, here –they’re in drought conditions for the second year.
    Holy mackerel, UKOK, you’re terrific! I don’t think I have ever in my life washed breakfast dishes– my schedule is more like “February’s dishes”! Sounds like you’re having a very good Lent. πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Gabrielle
    Beautiful poem. Interestingly my blog – the luminousmiseries one – is transitioning again and will be henceforth mostly my attempts at poetry along with quotations found here and there. I foresee another serious drop in hits. πŸ˜‰

  8. ukok, thanks for visiting! I’m not ignoring you, promise. I’m ignoring everybody, ha ha! But not because I want to! It warms my heart to hear somebody saying they’ve actually accomplished something. Bravo!

    C, it’s not the snow that’s the problem; I’ve fallen into the accounting blackhole/abyss – have I ever told you all how much I detest this time of year? But that is negative talk, and I’m giving that all up. I will embrace this end-of-fiscal-year as well as tax season. Embrace it, I tell you. πŸ™‚

    Owen, Owen, Owen…. how good to see you. I will be over to visit just as soon as I can, to catch up on your recovery and your poetry! Did you hear Leonard Cohen is coming to Ottawa in May? I was sorely thinking of taking a second mortgage on the house to buy two tickets, but before I even had time to pick up the phone, I heard they were all sold out. There you go. Enforced savings. Re a serious drop in hits, I don’t think any of us worry too much about that sort of thing; I guess if we did, we’d be trying harder. πŸ™‚ But there’s that little thing called “real life”. It has to be done.

  9. Real life– year-end reports…taxes…old Leonards and even older cars? With snow?? Cruelcruelcruel, and all I can sing here lately is, “Everyone’s gone to the moon.” I’m looking forward to your poetry, Owen. As for cyberhits, the Lord bases absolutely nothing on them. I do wish someone would tell Fr. Z that.. oh wait, maybe someone did…

  10. Who’re you callin’ old, Owen…not my Leonard, surely…

    C, well, I mean trying harder re the real bloggy gogetter kind of thing, not in trying harder for the Lord. I’ve come to the conclusion that if you really want to do the bloggy thing in a serious way, you have to use your real name. So maybe I should start using my real name. It’s Zelda. No, wait a minute. It’s Gertie. Gabby Gertie. Yes, that’s it. πŸ™‚ Now, I can submit something to Catholic Exchange. πŸ˜‰

  11. Glad you enjoyed my music in amongst the bluebells. They’re out again as I write, in that wooded area on the road into our village. Do drop by and visit me on YouTube – hope to add more music soon when I’ve recorded it

  12. Well, this is indeed an honour, Mr. Harmer! Your music is soothing, healing and inspiring. As a matter of fact, when I was putting up my post the other day on “Flowers”, I was actually thinking about those very bluebells! Thanks for leaving your website link, and I’m sure I’ll be back to your YouTube channel to listen more… I wish you a very happy spring!

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