The Gentle Healer

The Gentle Healer, on YouTube.


10 thoughts on “The Gentle Healer

  1. Truly beautiful! I’m a fan of Michael Card. He and John Michael Talbot have a CD together called Brother to Brother. It is grand, too. Have a wonderful day! Cathy

  2. Dark features and smiling eyes (the graphic of Him above, and it’s further inside, too) — it’s just so very French-Canadian-man. I can’t explain it, except to say that I grew up with many many Canadians around, and saw many others for years as they came “south” for vacation with their families. One Fr. Can. was my first love ever –an older man (he was 10, I was 6). Actually, I guess that’s who the graphic most resembles –Billy Roberge! He kissed me on the cheek behind a stack of tires in their garage (I was not wild, just gullible — “Hey, wanna see where our cat had kittens?”) He surprised me with a kiss again in his mom’s car’s back seat, behind a composition book.–he just held it up in front of us as if we were reading.. (Gosh, he’s beginning to sound a bit Irish–maybe Italian, too? I’m beginning to miss him.)

    At any rate, a lovely video/song indeed.

  3. Cathy, I wish I were as well-informed about current Catholic artists as you (though of course I know John Michael Talbot). This is the first song I’ve heard of Michael Card’s, but I love it.

    Pia, I was curious too. 🙂

    Carol, I have a strong hunch Billy Roberge was half Irish. Or at least a quarter. And I’m sure it was a very good composition. 😉

  4. So many of the gospels recently have been about healing – and about the faith of those who asked for it. No matter who we are, or how well we might appear to be, we’re all in need of this Gentle Healer.

  5. Oh Ann, peoples’ healing has been “on my mind” for the last several months, and as you say, all the recent healing stories in the gospels have just accentuated it even more for me. I know you are not too fond of the Youtubes, but I hope you’ll bear with me because I have a couple coming up that I really would like to share with you all.

  6. D’oh, I think they were blank pages, but Billy read aloud as if reading me a story–the moms in the front seat fell for it for quite some time!

    Amen, Ann. I’ve always wished I had a gift of healing, and humour is one way to go about it gently, for sure.. but you know, lately, I have been receiving what is even more helpful: the gift of knowing whom to approach for a certain healing, like tonight when I saw that my Kathleen had gotten spray-foam insulation in both eyes and insisted she would be fine by morning as usual (she surely didn’t look or act it, and wouldn’t go to docs nor let me get eyewash..)– I spoke with St. Raphael (whose name means “God’s healed” who obtained the cure for an eye ailment in the O.T.). There’s a patron saint for every hurting..

  7. The most amazing thing about Jesus’ way of healing in most cases, is that if we confide in Him, he will answer our prayers, though it’s usually in the form of a slow seeping-out of venom while at the same time, He provides a slow seeping-in of balm mixed with an equally increasing awareness of His presence. Truly a gentle healing that requires only one thing: trust.

  8. Carol, I’ve had a couple of recent experiences where I’ve called upon St. Raphael myself and the rapidity of the response was startling. I guess since working with the angels is something fairly recent for me I am easily startled. I do hope Kathleen’s eyes are okay now; that must have been very frightening.

    Pia, that’s such a beautiful description you’ve given of Jesus’ way, for emotional/psychological healing especially. And then He has a way of working on the memory too, I find, so that even though the memory exists it doesn’t have the same horrible emotions attached to it.

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